Stargazer #5 ~ 3:48

words and music by Mitch McVicker
Copyright © 2002 White Plastic Bag Music (SESAC) &Dustproof Music (SESAC)
All rights reserved
Lyrics reprinted by permission

She is a stargazer. 
She loves to look up into the night. 
She is a dream machine. 
She never wakes up, she just opens her eyes. 

Someone tell me what's wrong with that. 
If she's wrong, I hope she won't fix it. 

If her faith starts wearing thin, she don't hide. 
If her way is getting dim, she relies 
on grace to lead her heart and be her guide. 
And now the stars, they could never shine any brighter. 

She is a believer. 
Love is her proof as the lines get grey. 
She is a bad dancer 
Yeah, but every move is a cause for thanks. 

Someone tell me what's wrong with that. 
Could someone tell me what's so wrong? 


She's a pure heart. She sees the good that's all around her. 
She's a bad dancer but she doesn't even care. 


Mitch: Stargazer was written on a drive out to North Carolina.  I was heading out there to go fishing with the guy who is traveling with us on this tour doing sound, Paul Yodis.  I began working on it on the drive and finished it up while we were floating down the river.  It came just from a stop to get some coffee at a bookstore.  Somewhere in some book I picked up, I saw the phrase stargazer and it just resonated with me.  I thought I would write a song about somebody who was looking for the good, finding the good and allowing their attention to be directed back towards the giver of the good.  It's the same character I've written about before, in The Lemonade Song  and in Not Holy Just Yet.  It's the same character, except I put a female pro-noun on this one, just because I didn't want to be singing about some dude.

drums: Steve Latanation
bass baritone guitar: Mark Robertson
electric guitar: Brad Layher
acoustic guitar: Mitch McVicker
banjo: Ward Stout
violin: Jacob Lawson
cello: David Henry
percussion: Joe Curet
background vocals: Jeff Weiss

From Mitch:
"This is a song about someone who is looking for good in the world and then letting her attention be directed towards the giver of good. According to scripture, the pure in heart will see God. I think those that are being purified by God come to see God in the good that is all around them and at every turn. The character in this song sees the glass half full. She finds the good in every situation she has been given...the stars could never shine any brighter."

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