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I knew this review would be hard to do.. mainly because I don't DO music reviews.  Yet I wanted to review this one because it's Brad.  Brad is just a great Christian artist, that I rarely get to see. His heart is chasing God the last few years with Mitch McVicker in concerts through out the land. The November year to date minimum miles these guys trucked via van to over 100 concerts added up to over 50,000 miles! The equivalent of driving from New York to Los Angeles 18 times. 

It was good to see this project he was working on, finally become available to those not on the endless road they travel, spreading God's word.

Brad opens with the song Morning Glory's. The combination of tempo trademark guitar and incredible vocals demonstrates upfront you are in for a spectacular ride if you have purchased this album.  Now why he would have even considered not having lyrics to these ballads is a mystery I'll try to get answered someday.  Maybe it's because they are not shallow lyrics and are almost too soul revealing for his comfort level.  It's hard to put your soul out there.  Good songwriters are exposed to this level of vulnerability.  Brad has a winning project from the get-go and this song is a celebration of giving it up and being ready to let the world know some of what is going on inside. 

There You Make Your Home, the second track is very addicting to listen to.  Very addicting, and it gnawed at me until I realized it's one of those tunes that while addicting it's the lyrics that make it reach to the stars.  They are words you want to spin in your own soul as you invite God into your heart.  His guitar playing brilliant, but it's the vocals and lyrics that move it full force into play it again land.

Tinman, is the Brad signature song.  It is by far the most requested by repeat concert followers.  Even though I've only been to a few concerts, I've heard the desperate plea at them PLAY TINMAN! Now that they can own the song, he may feel more able to play another couple.  The lyrics on this tune are delightful.  The ironic thing is Brad ended up hanging with a bunch of Kansas friends, and being the one not from Kansas it's a smile maker that he wrote this spin on the Oz land. This is just an exceptional song with great pace, smooth vocals and cool lyrics. 

Like the Might Joe LouisI even risked major embarrassment to get some questions answered about this song a year ago.  I had heard it on a tape and I wanted to hear it in concert myself.  Well I didn't know the name so I was forced to word/hum it to him.  My soul needed to know for some reason if he wrote it himself or co-written with a friend.  This song is engineered to perfection and will end up being a favorite for many. The lyrics are exceptional and spectacular. 

Gypsy is a song recorded twice before.  Once by his good friend Ryan Long who co-wote it with him, and also by the group Alathea.  Interestingly, Brad does the bgv's on this track and the effect is cool.  This song reintroduced the term hey, hey into my vocabulary.  He delivers the guitar, melody with upbeat energy that leaves you amazed. 

Shut That Boy Up  I imagine has a novel story behind it, and I'm going to work hard to get at least a chapter of that book out of himsomeday.  This song weaves quite a tale, but it probably holds a lot of truth to things in his early life.  Brads deep rich vocals and the whole quality of this song are rememberable to the soul.

Carry Me is another co-wrote song with Ryan Long who recorded it first.  Don't know how these two artists mesh their work together, but the results are remarkable.  I again find Brad's vocals to be a key instrument in making these songs work.  We get to hear the line: my bloodhound dover.. which is his record logo.  He used great female vocals on this one and through out the album.  The music is kind of echoed and with roads of levels flowing in this song. 

Falling Down is again one of those surprise where did this song come from Brad questions that needs to be answered. It's upbeat, full of flavor.  You are treated to vocals that show his range.  Brad has always been great as bgv's for Mitch.  He has a fantastic delivery of his own and the change of vocal patterns, pitches he gives all these songs are a reflection of diversity he's learned from plenty of concert venues.

 If feet were faith co-written with Mitch McVicker has it all.  If this and It Won't Take Long are going to be the result level of their products; they should collaborate more often.  Brilliant lyrics with a melody that grabs you with a pace that's full of electricity and illumination. 

The final song, Traffic Light Nine clocks in at 6:56 and yet you are sure this song is too short.  What an unbelievable finish to a collection of songs.  If these lyrics would of stayed bottled up in him, it would of been a tragedy.  This is 7 minutes of heaven.  Satisfaction to the ears, soul, essence of peace and wow all come to mind when I get to this song.  The lyrics, the delivery vocally, the melody and the background are exhilarating.

If you have a need to share something special with someone, order multiple copies of this impressive Album. 

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Some Background on this project: 
I first heard about this project June 2000.  I meet up with him at a concert in WI.  I was curious if he had in his desires an album of his own.  He said yes, he would like to start out with a 6 -7 song CD, a few with lyrics and the rest with him doing his guitar.  Brad is exquisite in concert supporting Mitch on guitar, hammered dulcimer and vocals.  He also does a song or two at each venue.  These venues are special and unique.  The goal is fun, but also to spread the Gospel and point people towards Jesus.  These guys and their additional band mates are wonderful at doing just that.

The next time we really talked about this project was November 2000 at a MN concert.  Brad had given a   dulcimer workshop before the concert and the day was crunched for his time commitments.  He had a full schedule, finishing the workshop, setting up for the concert, but still stopped to breathe long enough for a quick interview.. barely getting it in before the concert started.  I again touched on this project and he said the same.. 6 -7 songs.. planning on scheduling the recording early January 2001.  Imagine my surprise when the project ended up being a complete 10 songs, all with lyrics. 

I patiently waited for this project release through the distribution hang-ups all artists seem to face and received it mid November 2001.  It was worth the wait, and I thank God for somehow making me aware of this upcoming artist.  God is good and often His rewards are the unexpected joys we can't put a price on.

Brad  Layher  ~  Interviewed by  suzan
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A Solo Concert Reivew:

New City Cafe' Concert Reviews  Online Reading 
 1/22/05: Brad layher: The guitar player with Mitch McVicker , Brad is stepping out into the solo arena. Brad put on a solid show on a cold night in Knoxville., and his new CD "Shut that Boy Up" demonstrates some co writing efforts a few songs  with Mitch McVicker and Ryan Long,.  Brad had a great stage presence and a smooth rapport with the audience, that saw the show.  We will have Brad back to new City in the near future so check the calendar to see the upcoming schedule.. 

Grassroots Music Review of Shut That Boy Up:

Brad Layher's Shut That Boy Up is an ethereal foray into muscular modern rock, featuring insightful and penetrating lyrics wrapped around Brad's husky vocals, all delivered in memorable, radio-friendly songs. These songs are deep considerations of how being a true follower of Christ affects every layer of our beings.

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