She Asked Me How Lyrics
Words and music by Mitch McVicker

There's a driftin' song
I think we all sometimes hear it
When our minds are true and free enough
And there is a spot, inside of countless souls
That longs and yearns to be filled
By that melodic kind of stuff
Blessed are the poor in spirit
Thank God 'cause she's barely got a dime

She asked me how I'd change this world
And I couldn't think of nothin' to say
It's a great big old place and so much is changin'
It's all I can do to look out for what's comin' my way

So it makes me think my heart's made of steel
But at least I know it's covered with condensation
'Cause there is a warm spirit of love
That settles down upon my heart
And its cold dark lonely places
Blessed are those who are hungry
Thank God 'cause her hunger never ends

She asked me how I'd change this world
And I finally figured out the only way
To change this world for the good or for the better
Is to love with the love that's forever the same



Copyright © 1998 White Plastic Bag Music
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by permission.


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