One more question..
This Article is about Mitch McVicker songs and how they effected some people.

I requested that people answer this question:

Is there a Mitch song after hearing, while it may not be your favorite, it's in the can not live without category? Strange question, and how you figure out an answer to it is fine.  I got some great responses so decided to document it for the unofficial site.

And yeah of course we can live without any song.. but I guess I'm talking the song that got to your soul and maybe exposed you the most with God.

The intent of the questions was NOT to do an article, but wow.. there were some great responses.  I saw that others would benefit by reading it, and Mitch would probably enjoy reading the input too.

My own answer to the question was:

Watch Over Me.. he did it at a couple of concerts.. the impact was unbelievable.. Yet, I'm uncommitted on all time favorite song...

At one concert that he played Watch Over Me at he asked me specifically after it; so did you like that one?  And I said no, it made me want to cry!  It was so, so moving. I wrote him: Well I listened to it on the tape today, and it was very light in there, so I was struggling with the raw emotions to stay in control .. anyhow I'm listening to the tape to get in the mood to capture things for my concert review.. and I've got to say.. that song is beyond spectacular.   You can make me cry anytime.. it's pure, pure, joy.. my prayer is you will always include it for others to enjoy.

Others Responded:

I like these thought/soul provoking questions..."She asked me How" is this song for me. I "heard" it at a time that God was really showing me just how unloving I had been. Like you have said, Mitch's songs are basically prayers to God that we can also say. So almost  all of Mitch's songs that I have heard ( I have not heard the new one yet) are very powerful and impacting. But i would say that "She asked me How" is the one that is the most. One thing about Mitch's songs and this one particularly, I always try to find the deeper message, like how the lyrics all play together. Mitch's voice is perfect on this recording as well, and I can hear Rich in the background near the end of the song. I can "see" these two  brothers in Christ  recording this song and God smiling.

Another Responded:

Nope.  But there *is* one *line* that I can't live without.  And ironically it makes me cringe every time I hear it.  It's, by far, my *least* favorite Mitch line of all time, yet it's in one of my favorite songs - and I *need* it.

"So now, I'm hopin' that the Spirit will hang me out to dry..."

I don't know what that line does to anyone else, but the first time I heard it I had to get the liner notes because I thought he sang it wrong.  I mean REALLY - who WANTS to be hung out to dry?  Not me.  I remember when I was a kid and we'd do or say something that needed to be corrected.  My mom would say, "I'm gonna hang you out to dry."  All I knew then was that being "hung out to dry" was uncomfortable.

I had kind of forgotten the term until I heard "Only Love Will."  After checking the lyrics, my thoughts were "he actually WANTS to be hung out to dry?"  Not me.  I'll pass.

After thinking a lot about it, I realize the reason it's so difficult to hear is because it absolutely will not allow me to stay where I'm at.  If I'm too comfortable, chances are not much is happening spiritually.  The flesh fights and says, "But I *like* being all wet.  I'd rather remain here than go through the process of being hung out to dry.  Leave me alone.  I'm fine the way I am."

I still can't get over the idea that Mitch wrote "I'm *hopin'* that [it happens]."  I can't say that's a prayer of mine.  But I DO see the *need* to be hung out to dry (and I'm working on learning to ask for it).  I know that once I've gone through the process, I'm glad it happened.  (But it's the last thing I'm gonna ask for in my prayers.)

That's about all the confession I can stand right now.

Another Responded:

That would be Watch Over Me.  And one line from New Mexico - your love will give us the strength we need to press on, so lets hold on to him and he will show us our way home.  Pretty much sums it up.  Don't you think?

Another Responded:

I guess mine would have to be "Hope."  Especially these lines:

I must admit I'm so afraid my love's no more than fear
'Cause every single day I spend
Somewhere between one hour and ten
Just lettin' my soul run around wild
And there's a simple prayer I love to pray
I never do unless rain comes my way
But without You, Lord my walk wouldn't last a mile.

It perfectly sums up how inconsistent and weak my love for God and my prayer life is, but the song also gives me so much hope.  I told Mitch that one of the reasons I love his music is how hopeful and encouraging it is, especially "Hope."

Another Responded:

That song for me is "Gospel Rain." Interestingly enough, even though that was one of only a couple songs Mitch wrote with Rich on his first CD, that song for some reason never hit me right away. It was my least favorite song on the CD. I don't remember when they (Brad and Mitch) came up with the arrangement, but I believe it was right after Brad got that
twelve-string guitar. (I miss my twelve string, but it has a great home on the

Anyway, that song now is possibly my favorite song Mitch does live. The rush and the energy of the two guitars together with the slightly more energetic rhythm puts in that "can not live without" category.

Brad's playing on that song reminds a little bit of Leo Kottke.

Another Responded:

My favorite is "Here and Now".  The one I HAVE to hear every time, while
not my favorite, is "She Asked Me How".

Another Responded:

Heaven Is Waiting. It is a song with a message I *need*.  If the day is a mess and everything is going against my plans, and I think the moment is all that's important, I reflect on this song and get through it all.

Another Responded:

Well the song I'd like to mention while it might not be the one I share in prayer with God, it's a must hear song at his concerts.  I know that doesn't answer you question, but there are too many songs I need.  The song no concert is complete without is Lemonade. 


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