Nowhere Else #6 ~ 2:45
words and music by Mitch McVicker
Copyright © 2002 White Plastic Bag Music (SESAC) &Dustproof Music (SESAC)
All rights reserved
Lyrics reprinted by permission

I've seen it all, but now I wanna see your face. 

Did I change the oil? Did I check the tires? 
And look up under the hood to see if something's on fire? 
Wipe the windshield and fill it up with gas? 
Did I clear off the seats and did I throw out the trash? 

I've been high and low, I've been from sea to shining sea. 
I was struck on the road at a quarter to the morning. 
Came grinding to a halt on the I-39 
and I just couldn't see there was a light shining. 

I've seen it all, but now I want to see your face. 
If I could just be with you, Lord, 
it would take my breath away. 
I've been everywhere, now I wanna be inside your arms. 
So Lord Jesus, pull me close. There's really nowhere else 
I wanna go. 

The Illinois prairie, the Ontario wind, 
the squeaky cheese curds up in Wisconsin, 
the Colorado Rockies and the Texas heat, 
those Indiana trees with their autumn leaves,

Highway Eleven to the Susquehanna River, 
the Michigan mitten and the Minnesota winters, 
the care in Carolina, the air in Arizona, 
and I can catch my breath out where the plains are open. 
(The plains are open out there.) 


Mitch: Nowhere Else was written on a drive to Illinois to meet up with Tracey Moushon who does a lot of bookings for me now.  It would of been late summer/early fall 2001.  I don't know what happened with this one, but I started getting this melody rolling around in my heard or maybe it was a rhythm kind of thing.  I didn't want to forget it, so I started calling myself and singing it on my voice mail.  Then, once you get something going around in your head, you don't want to forget certain parts, because I couldn't sing the whole song on my voice mail.  So then the whole drive, I keep singing the whole song over and over again.  If someone else would of been in there they would of probably jumped out.  I got to Illinois, put the guitar cords behind it.  It too has evolved a good bit as we worked on it.  I was feeling, that in my drives, I've gone basically everywhere, further than my dreams had permitted me to even venture when I was 15 or whatever.  It is amazing but there is so much more.   So I have seen it all, but now I want to see you Lord.  I've been everywhere, but now I want to be with you Lord.

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