Date: 23 Apr 2004

S Green Bay 03/19 & Rockford 03/20 reviews/pics

Mitch McVicker Concert
Cup O'Joy Coffeehouse
two concerts - 6:30pm and 8:45pm
Green Bay, WI, March 19, 2004

I've combined both of Mitch's concerts that night into one review. Cup O' Joy is a Christian Coffeehouse staffed by volunteers. A local Green Bay Christian musician opened both concerts. Jan Oettinger introduced Melissa to the audience. Melissa signs for the deaf and has signed several of Mitch's concerts.

Mitch began with "Upside Down", immediately following with "Take the Wheel". After which, during both concerts, he used a couple of kid toys to illustrate things about Christ. He said that just as you turn the Etch-A-Sketch over and shake it to rid it of the marks, Jesus does that for us. He then mimed it. He demonstrated a gentle shake. Then increased it to a vigorous shake, complete with a facial expression that got people laughing. Weebles wobble, however they are not down for the count. Because of Jesus, neither are we.

"Christ the Solid Rock" was next. Joe's customized drumset includes a cooking pot which he used during the song. Mitch introduced Brad Layher and Joe Curet, doing a cross between a rap and a scat. He gets going very fast when he does that. Melissa did a great job on signing it.

He told the audience about a concert of his being recorded and was in the process of becoming a live CD. He is including a handful of new songs on it as well. The next song was one of those. Mitch sang a song he wrote based on scripture from the books of 1Corinthians and Luke. During the first concert, Mitch said that all of creation is in a constant state of praise. Then he spoke about Jesus helping us in doing the opposite of our natural inclination. There is a sacrificial serving way of giving away love. In both concerts, Mitch stated that Jesus calls us to love. We are called to do the things Jesus wants us to do. He alluded to God being in everything. The green in the grass. The green in the bean. He kept naming the different green things and ended with the Hulk. People reacted with laughter. He sang "Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled".

Then Brad did a couple of songs in both concerts.

Mitch followed with "I Need You Jesus," and then sang a song about a party going on in heaven. During the first concert, Mitch said God is renewing us. We must not forget Jesus is active in renewing our lives. In the second concert he spoke about the old, dead grasses being burned away in the spring. The new grasses then appearing, showing renewal in progress. He sang "Burning the Fields." Mitch spoke about the movie, "The Passion of The Christ." Jesus was wounded for our transgressions. By His stripes we are healed. The concerts were ended with a song about Jesus being Savior, Wounded One, Risen One. Our Hope of Glory.

People left with a new realization of all that Christ is; all that He's done; all that He's still doing.Return to top

Mitch McVicker concert
Lighthouse Cafe, 7:00pm
Shiloh Evangelical Free Church
Rockford IL, March 20, 2004

Shiloh EFC hosts the Lighthouse Cafe, bringing in local as well as nationally known Christian musicians. The band, Angel Fury, opened the concert.

Mitch started his concert with "Upside Down". He commented that it was a nice evening, and nice that other people besides them showed up for the concert. Then he sang "Take the Wheel" and followed with "My Deliverer". People were encouraged to sing the chorus. Brad even led people in clapping along with the rhythm of the song. I never get tired of hearing his arrangement of "Christ the Solid Rock". Their soothing vocal blend on that song, brings a gentle reminder that Christ is the only firm footing we really have. Mitch did a song that started out with scripture from 1Corinthians 13. It was also based on Luke 19, where Jesus said if the people were silent, the rocks would cry out in Praise. He told the audience that we were created by God to love. The most praise-filled act is to love. We get lumps and bruises in laying down ourselves. Jesus gave sacrificial love and laid down Himself for us. He sang "Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled". Words Jesus Himself spoke.

Brad sang three of his songs following that. One of which is a new song about walking in the dark.

I noticed during the concert that Joe and Mitch used two new instruments. Though the instruments are familiar, I am unsure of their names. They added a nice touch to the music. Mitch used his experience with ladybugs on his windshield in a teaching. He spoke about the varying distances they hung on. Not knowing much about physics or "aerodynamicity" (his word), he wondered if the dome-shaped shell helped. When the last one flew off, he imagined it going to the opposite side of the interstate to get a ride back. Sometimes we find ourselves where we had not planned on, and not where we wanted to be. Jesus' love gets us back. Jesus is our shell. We aren't to forget about our shell. Let Jesus do His job as Savior. We have a desperate need for that shell. Then he sang "I Need You Jesus". He talked about seeing the fields burned in Kansas when he was growing up. The burning brought new grasses to the grasslands. He said that he had a prayer for renewal and sang "Burning the Fields". Mitch reminded us that by Jesus' wounds we are healed.

He ended the concert with a song describing Jesus as the Coming King and our Hope of Glory. As I left the concert I looked up, watching the sky as a couple of stars appeared. A beautiful reminder that God is still here for us.

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