Date: 11 June 2003
permission obtained from mitch mcvicker for reprint

Mitch McVicker concert
Faith Evangelical Church, 7:00pm
Sumner IA, June 1st, 2003

review and pictures by Jean Gimnick

This concert was held at a church in rural Iowa, as as outreach to the surrounding area. Mitch was there as a soloist that night. He started out with "Nowhere Else". Then followed with "Upside Down".

He talked about reading the book of Malachi, which people tend to seldomly read. He said that the only thing Malachi really had to offer God was himself, and that is what God wants from us. Ourselves. God owns everything, He followed with "You Have Everything".

He spoke several times during the concert on observances he's made through things that happened. Some of which caused people to laugh. The joy of the Lord was evident in Mitch and in the audience. People even sang along of the chorus of "My Deliverer".

He used his experience with lady bugs on the van windshield in as illustration about Jesus. He said that just like the lady bug had a shell, Jesus is our shell. That we can hang on just like those lady bugs, and how we can get back on course when we get off course.

We have a way home. The Grace of Jesus is our way home. How we have a place of rest, which is the peace and mercy Jesus gives. He followed that with "Take the Wheel".

He also performed a couple of songs that were new to me.

He used the Weeble toys and Etch-a-Sketch in another illustration. Weebles wobble but don't fall down, and we aren't down for the count because Jesus is there for us. That just like you take the Etch-a-Sketch in both hands and shake it to rid it of the black marks, Jesus takes us by the shoulders and shakes the blackness of our soul off of us. "Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled" followed.

Mitch led us in Praise and Worship and then came back with "Deeper In Love", which speaks about Jesus molding us and that He calls to us.

He had a fun song at the end for the kids. It was a song about an armadillo (poor thing). It brought laughter to everyone. He named the armadillo Fred. I used to live in Texas, and any time someone from Texas sees one in that condition, "Oh oh, poor Fred," was said. I wonder if he knew that. If anyone came with a heavy burden that night, it was considerably lighter at the end of the concert. Jesus and all that He is and does was evident.

Some of the songs:

Nowhere Else
Upside Down
You Have Everything
Christ the Solid Rock
It's Getting Better
My Deliverer
Heaven is Waiting
Take the Wheel
I Need You Jesus
Burning the Fields
Here and Now
Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled
Deeper in Love


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