Mitch McVicker concert
"HIS" Place
10 miles east of Lake Geneva, WI
near Burlington, WI, October 12, 2002

review and photos by Jeanie Gimnick

A sunny day turned cold and windy with rain, making me late to the concert due to traffic slow down and road conditions.

The concert was held in a huge tent out in the country. I stood outside and listened to several songs. I found someone and asked how to get in the tent, as there was no obvious opening. A man helped me get into the tent. It was nice and dry inside with a cozy atmosphere.

Brad didn't have his hammered dulcimer. He used an electric guitar on some songs, which sounded great. Joe's unique drumset sounded awesome as always. Amazing what you can do with car parts and household items. Jeff's bass guitar and background vocals are a nice addition. Mitch also sounded great on guitar and harmonica.

Mitch talked and sang about things using plain, simple language. He spoke about trying to see the good and look at Jesus instead of at "things". His song "Take the Wheel", is a good example.

Mitch led Praise and Worship afterward, and you could really feel the Holy Spirit there.

A prayer was said for them after Praise and Worship as they had been on the road for a month.




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**mitch on compassion
Mitch was Compassion USA Top Spokesperson

JOHN 17:3   And eternal life is this: to know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.