Edwardsville IL 04/28

Mitch McVicker concert
LeClaire Christian Church
Edwardsville IL, April 28th, 2002

review by Bob Sullivan
photos by Rob Gerson
A group from our church went to see Mitch at LeClaire Christian Church in Edwardsville, IL.
We were treated to a great show this evening. It was Mitch, Brad, Jeff and Cobra Joe.

Mitch mentioned that "It was nice to travel somewhere new and find a big crowd.
Of course I understand there was chicken involved." (As the act was part of a chicken dinner combo).

Mitch and the boys played Upside-down, New Mexico, The Lemonade Song, Burning Fields, My Deliverer, Strength To Move,
When You Love, and more....Brad's Morning-glory's, Jeff's Train. Nice medley-sing-a-long at the finale which included Step by Step.
Three songs with hammered dulcimer - Yes Jen its true. My wife Elaine loves percussion, and was really taken
with Cobra Joe's use of a brake drum, bar-b-que grill, and other assorted "instruments".


Mitch talked about Rich, their relationship and his music. It was interesting that Rich's
music and contribution seems to be this wonderful
secret that only of few of the audience knew. How so many people know
the words, sing praises to the
Lord each week, how Rich is still quietly touching lives even now.
Mitch gave an impassioned request for Compassion International.

To support his ministry, order music and the book directly from the official

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