Knoxville, TN 04/20

Mitch McVicker concert
with special guest Ryan Long
New City Cafe
Knoxville TN, April 20th, 2002

review by Bonnie and Clyde
photos (except where noted) by Bonnie

The atmosphere down in old city Knoxville was trendy, arty, and appeared to be the ideal place to host Mitch
and the guys at the New City Café. Mitch along with Ryan Long appeared in
a two set concert: 7:00 and 9:00. Clyde and I were able to catch the first set at 7:00, and it was nothing less than spectacular.

The New City Café was adorned with a cheerfully lit stage and stars hanging from the ceiling. Of course those stars could not outshine
Mitch in his tartan, tough-skin, sixth-grade button down shirt. Apparently, it was button
down shirt night for the guys. They all looked great!! Ok, on to the more important stuff.

Here's a look at the set list:
Solid Rock
Upside Down
Lemonade Song - Mitch took this time to introduce the guys in a very unique way. I won't say what he did, but the crowd loved it. I guess you'll have to go see him in concert to find out what he did!!
Suits of Skin

My Deliverer

Take the Wheel - a new song that is now undeniably one of my favorites. It rocks!

Burning the Fields - with a little help from Ryan
Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled - another new song that was absolutely beautiful. The only way to describe it is John 14:1 put to music.


This concert did not include as many songs as we would have liked, but what the guys gave was completely full of energy, and left the crowd wanting more ... and they got more at 9:00.
the following pics are by Donna Crosswait (AKA Brad's mom)

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