Topeka KS 04/05


Mitch McVicker concert
with special guests FreeState
Wanamaker Woods Church of the Nazarene
Topeka, KS, April 5th, 2002

review by Jennie Crable, KBUZ

photos by Marsha Thompson

The whole concert was awesome, and then some. Folks were waiting at the door at 6:30
when we opened them, and they just kept on coming!

Attendance was at LEAST 500, which is pretty good for Topeka.

Mitch and the guys were in great form, and the crowd responded favorably.
The age range of folks was amazing, from "5 to 85".

Brad Layher, on guitar, hammerred dulcimer, and vocals

Cobra Joe Curet, on "unique" trap set and percussion, was just a hoot! Loved getting to talk to him a bit,
he gave my son a piece of his "stuff" that he bangs didn't realize how accurate a description
"bangin on stuff" really was, until my husband, who helped load their stuff up,
told me about Joe's brake drum, barbeque grill, and pasta kettle.

Jeff Weiss on bass, guitar, and vocals


Here is the song list:
Lemonade Song
Upside Down
Nowhere Else (new song!!!! WOW!!!)
Suits of Skin
My Deliverer (Crowd REALLY got worked up on this one!!)
Solid Rock (what can I say here???? This was FANTASTIC, AWESOME, WONDERFUL!!!!)
Heaven is Waiting
Take the Wheel (another new one!!)
"Brad's Song"
"Jeff's Song"
Gospel Rain
Watch Over Me
I Need You Jesus (new)
Burning the Fields
Here and Now
Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled (new)
Mitch and the Guys got a standing ovation, then "made" the audience sing some praise and worship songs with them. 


Front Row, kneeling (l. to r.) - Clayton Senne (Zeb's step brother & FreeState bass),
Aaron Koker (FreeState Drums, Percussion, Vocals). Back Row, standing (l. to r.) -
Mitch McVicker, Rick Stones (FreeState guitar), Bob Faulkner (KBUZ Station manager),
Zeb Barron (FreeState guitar & lead vocals), Gina Z (FreeState vocals), Cobra Joe Curet, Jeff Weiss, and Brad Layher.


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