Date: 17 Sept 2001
Derby/Wichita Sept 2001 
Mitch McVicker concert
Woodlawn United Methodist Church
Derby KS, Sept 12th, 2001

Mitch and the guys were at Woodlawn United Methodist Church in Derby on Wednesday evening, Sept 12th. The sanctuary was packed (maybe 300?); in fact, there was a waiting list for tickets earlier in the week. (I missed most of the evening since I was playing with Bekah Frees at the Kansas State Fair.) I did catch the last half hour of the evening, and the guys sure sound good with the addition of Jeff Weiss on bass and vocals. They've added BGV's to many more arrangements. Jeff even got to play one of his own songs.

Many have asked if there was more info about Jeff. As well as bass guitar and vocals, he is also a good guitarist/singer/songwriter in his own right. You can check out his music (and even buy his CD) on his web page, where you can also read more about him.

As many of you may already know, Brad Layher's recently recorded solo CD, produced by Mark Robertson, is just about ready to be released. We have begun working on a web page at and a mailing list to keep you informed as to it's progress; especially how to buy it when it ships. Go to his web page to join that mailing list.



Mitch McVicker concert
Friends University
Faith and Learning Lecture Series
Wichita KS, Sept 13th, 2001

Mitch returned to his alma mater, Friends University for another Faith and Learning Lecture Series.
The turnout as always was good, but then again, it's a required class for freshman
. However, the audience was very attentive, and I saw no one "working on homework" or otherwise distracted.


This great old building, the Davis Building, and the marvelous acoustics of the Alumni Auditorium
provided a great venue for the "new and improved" Mitch McVicker four-piece band. The new arrangements with the
full rhythm section (bass and drums) and the new background vocal arrangements gave new life to songs that were already awesome.
Mitch did play some new unrecorded songs (both last night and this morning) and one of my new favorites is "You Have Everything."

To support his ministry, order music and the book directly from the official

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