Date: 02 Sept 2001
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From: Mitch McVicker
Subject: [MitchMailList 084]: In His Own Words - August 2001

In His Own Words - August 27, 2001

Dear Friends,

I have been really busy lately and haven't gotten to this as soon as I wanted to. So, now I have a minute and I am just going to "wing it".

I anticipated this second half of the summer to be more mellow than the first half. It hasn't worked out like that. I always fill up my time off with visits to friends and family and work on new songs, etc. I love doing all of that, but all of that has a tendency to take its toll. I am finding that it requires a good bit of energy to do no more than experience good things. I am fortunate to experience much good, but it often leaves me tired. It is then evident that rest is sweet.

In my down time, between concerts, earlier this summer; I got to try my hand as a writer - a real writer, for a book. I wrote for a daily book of meditations entitled, "365 Meditations for Young Adults", published by Abingdon-Cokesbury. I was one of twelve contributors. We each wrote a month's worth of meditations. Writing these meditations was a lot more work than I had figured on ... and it was intimidating. That was probably because I had never done anything like this. Having the opportunity to be a part of the book was a gift to me from God. It dominated my thoughts and my time for over a month and the spirit moved and molded me, when I was aware enough to open myself to that. I was able to peer into God, the human condition, and myself. Writing these meditations was an invaluable lesson in perseverance. It was a great blessing. The book of meditations will be out next August.

As of the first of September, there will be an additional person playing music with me. I have known Jeff Weiss for a few years. Recently, it became possible for him to travel with me and play bass. I am really excited about having Jeff around and the musicianship he brings to the "puzzle". I am moved when I think of how well he fits in with Joe, Brad, and me. His energy and spirit will be a blessing to me and to many others. I am looking forward to how God will direct the group. It blows my mind, when I think of how God has placed these guys in my life.

Right now, it is my prayer that I would not miss God. I'm finding that, as God purifies us, we come to see God in all situations. The pure in heart see God, and God is everywhere.

As life progresses, I am discovering that the things of this world do not meet my expectations. It seems that movies disappoint me, that my teams don't play like they (and I) had hoped they would, that my plans never work out like they do in my mind, and that people let me down. I guess it is a matter of misplaced expectations. It is not possible for these things to deliver like I expect them to; so my expectations merely hinder my ability to live in the present.

And that is where God is - in the present. God is in the past, which was once the present, and God is in the future, which will soon be the present. God is everywhere. As God brings purity, God begins to pop up in places we have never noticed God before.

Once again, I thank you all for your prayers and your support - for listening to me and for coming to concerts. I am thankful.

Peace of Christ,

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