Cottage Grove, MN 09/19 review

Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 09:31:04
Subject: Mitch review
From: Lisa A Liebl

I had the privilege of seeing Mitch in concert on September 19th, in
Cottage Grove, Minnesota.  I had been to one of his concerts for the
first time last March, and was really glad that it worked out for me
to go again.  My mom, Cecelia, came along with me, and we met up with
my friend, Dorene, at the church.

We arrived at the church a little early.  The guys were working on
sound and there were a few people milling around.  We went back
outside and waited.  We talked about how in just a short while the
whole evening would be over (now there's optimism for ya!).

The concert was to start at 6:30.  We went in and found a seat about
15 minutes prior to that.  This concert was a fall kickoff for this
particular church's youth group, but it was open to anyone.  It ended
up being a good crowd of varied ages.

It was great to hear Mitch sing in person again!  He has changed his
concert program around and done a lot of new song arrangements.  Very
fun!  Brad Layher is still touring with Mitch and Cobra Joe has been
with them for about three months.  These guys add a lot to the concert
and you can just tell that they're all having a blast doing what God
has called them to do!  (Love that hammered dulcimer, Brad... and
watching Joe play those drums!)

I didn't take notes during the concert, so I don't remember the order
of the music.  I wanted to just enjoy the concert and not be busy
writing things down when I wanted to be listening.

Mitch did all of his songs off of his self-titled CD except for "She
Asked Me How".  If I remember correctly he opened with "Gospel Rain",
which is one of my personal favorites.

When he sang "My Deliverer" he talked of how this song is very special
to him because he wrote it with Rich.  For those that didn't take note
of the date of this concert, it took place on September 19, 2000. 
That's exactly three years after the accident that took Rich's life
and seriously injured Mitch.

Mitch talked of Rich, but it was very difficult for him.  He talked of
how "Rich got the better deal..."  Mitch sang "Heaven is Waiting" from
"Canticle", and he sang "New Mexico".  Rich was a part of both of
these songs.  I was so glad that he did both of them that night.

Mitch has a new CD coming out "sometime" (that's what he said).  It is
titled "Chasing the Horizon".  Right now you can get his EP release
which has four songs on it that will be on the full-length CD.  He
sang "Burn the Fields", which I've heard him do before, and I really
like it ("renew my soul, like that green grass on the prairies..."). 
He also sang "Anything" which is a very cool song ("Here's my soul, do
with it what you want, 'cause I don't even know what I need..." and
later "I'm just a little boy wearing grownup clothes; I'm living in
LaLa Land...").  I really like this one!  Mitch sang "Suits of Skin"
and now I can't remember if he sang "Strength to Move" or not.  I've
heard him do it before though and it's a great song.

A highlight of the concert was when they pulled out their lawn chairs
and sang "On Christ the Solid Rock"!  Mitch and Brad sang a cappella
while thumping on their guitars.  Cobra Joe thumped away on an upside
down pot!  Just way cool and very beautiful!

Brad sang his song entitled "Tinman".  I've heard him do it before
too, and it is really nice.

I love watching these guys just have fun!  They say they all get along
really well together.  They have to!  How else could they manage to
travel the country stuffed in their van with all their gear?  When
they're on stage you can tell that they all get along.  If they
didn't, it would show up there.

Mitch talked about Compassion International during the evening.  He
told a little about his recent trip to Thailand (if you haven't yet
read his Thailand journal, do).  I hope that people will take his
words to heart and sponsor one of these needy children.  What a
blessing it will be to the child and also to you!

Mitch did some fine talking during the evening.  My friend, Dorene,
told me that she could have listened to what he was saying for hours. 
I agree.  My mom was in tears.  Mitch has grown so much spiritually in
just the last six months since we saw him last in concert.  He shared
so much of his heart and his heart is right with God.  He was an
amazing blessing to us that night.  He told us stuff that we maybe
already knew, but it was just so refreshing to hear him tell us again.

Mitch has been through an awful lot in the last three years.  He is
still healing physically.  He has come a long, long way.  He has come
so far spiritually.

When they had played their last song, of course the audience asked for
more.  They came back and played "Hope".  The evening ended with the
guys leading us in several worship songs.  Another blessing.

We each talked with Mitch, Brad, and Joe after the concert.  They are
just plain fun to talk to.  They're very patient and polite.  They are
not doing this to gain big names for themselves.  They are doing this
because this is what God wants them to do at this point in their

If you haven't had the opportunity to hear Mitch in concert, I hope
that you can soon.  He will bless your socks off!

Keep Mitch, Brad, and Joe in your prayers.  Pray for physical safety
as they travel the roads of this country.  Pray for them to stay close
to Jesus and for continued spiritual growth.  Pray for them to know
God's will.

And thank you Mitch for an excellent evening.  Thank you Brad and Joe
for what you add to the concert.  I'm sure glad you guys get along so

Lisa Liebl
Atwater, MN

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