Augusta, KS 04/30 scrapbook

Hi Mitch Friends,

Here's a quick set of pictures from an awesome concert at First Baptist Church in Augusta, KS (Wichita) on Sunday evening, April 30, 2000. Mitch and Andrew Peterson have been working for about a year and a half to have a concert together. Gabe Scott (with Andrew's band) and Mitch were roommies in Nashville for quite a while, and of course there was the Rich Mullins connection - though Andrew never got to meet Rich, he was a big influence in Andrew's music. Andrew's wife Jamie Peterson also sings with the group.

Mitch had his EP there for sale at $6.00 ($7.00 if you order by mail - see the Discography Page for sound clips, lyrics, and order info).

Adrienne Adams of Light 99 introduced Andrew who opened, and informed everyone that "Nothing To Say" was now at #8 on 20 The Countdown Magazine. It is also #7 on this week's CCM Update chart. There were lots of Andrew's fans as well as Mitch's fans, and it was a packed house in the church's gym.

Mitch and Brad have been playing together now for almost a year and have developed a wonderful ensemble sound with some songs changing arrangements practically everytime I see them - and I love it. My new favorite song is "Strength to Move" from the EP and I personally will be pestering some radio folks everytime I see them. I want to take just a quick opportunity to say that Mark Robertson did a great job on the production of this CD, with another of my favorites being "Burning The Fields."





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