Date: 17 Apr 2000

Subject: [MitchMailList 058]: In His Own Words - EP release

In His Own Words ­ EP release

April 5, 2000

Dear Friends,

Well, I am sitting in a coffee shop in Cookeville, TN. I'm waiting for my guitar to get worked on. I have been doing concerts for the past month and this is the first chance I've had to get some work done on my guitar. Brad and I both brought our guitars here to get worked on. The people here are nice enough to work us into their schedule, because we only have a day before we take off for Texas.

I feel very blessed to be traveling around doing concerts. I'm fortunate to do this. I have played about 23 times over the past month. It is draining. It's hard not being near people I love. It's hard not having a community. But, I love doing concerts. I can't think of anything else that I would rather do, or could do.

I am still in the process of getting my new album out. The wheels of the music industry turn slowly. Though, it will be later this year; I'm excited for the album to be "out there". I'm excited for it to be heard.

I am releasing an EP ("extended play", I think) CD in mid-April. I will be selling it at concerts and via my website. It has four songs on it from my upcoming recording. I'm excited that the EP will be available, at least.

My life is one big question mark right now. Virtually every phase of my career is up in the air, as well as much of my personal life. Though many things are swirling around in my head--unceasingly and without landing, Jesus is a constant. Jesus is faithful and unchanging. The only thing that ever changes is my own perception of life, reality, and faith. Yes, my faith rises and falls. It goes through seasons--both dry and fruitful. It fluctuates because it belongs to me. However, I'm thankful that the love, mercy, and grace of Jesus is unaffected by my moods and my high and low tides.

My prayer is that my faith might someday faintly hint at the faithfulness of Jesus. I hope that, any mercy I come up with, might point to the mercifulness of Jesus. I am praying that the graciousness of Jesus might rub off on me in the 60-sum years, or so, that I get to live and that I may exhibit it. It is my ultimate hope that love would be my central motivation for doing anything. And--that my response to the fact that Jesus first loved me would result in my loving others.

As always, I very much appreciate your support of me. It is an amazing privilege to have people concerned for me. Physically, I am still on the mend. However, I know that I have come so far. I'm thankful. Thank you for your prayers. I continue to need them.

I am constantly amazed at the warmth, smiles, and love that I receive from so many people wherever I happen to go! Thank you. Talk to you soon.

Peace of Christ,


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