Better Book Room 04/10, 1st Baptist 04/11

John Overholt of the Better Book Room was visiting with Mitch a couple weeks ago, and invited him to "Congratulations on the Dove Award" party on Saturday afternoon, 4/10/99. Mitch hung out visiting with fans and signing autographs, while the Better Book Room staff served pop and cookies.
Mitch also did a short impromptu concert. There wasn't a huge crowd like (like last night), but the people there were riveted. Originally Michael wasn't going to be able to attend, but at the last minute he made it.
Mitch explained before singing it that it was inspired by driving through the burning fields in the Flint Hills between Topeka and Wichita. Last night he "messed it up," and hoped he could get it right this afternoon - apparently it still sounded different than he intended - "like we'd know it was wrong." :-) When we were standing around visiting, I realized I haven't had a picture of Mitch and I together for a while, so here 'ya go.

First Baptist Church, Augusta, KS - 4/11/1999

Mitch also played in Augusta, KS (just east of Wichita) on Sunday evening, 4/11/99, at the First Baptist Church. I was unable to attend, but heard it was another packed house. This facility was brand new, and seated about 700. They sold about 500 tickets, and had quite a few at-the-door attendees, so needless to say it was very full. Also the crowd was very receptive, with lots of area youth groups showing up, too. The setlist was about the same, but included Michael's wonderful instrumental arrangement of "It Is Well." Mitch played his brand new song again (this time I guess he was satisfied that he got it right), and also "Rich's Song." Eric Hauck's cousin Amanda was there, and joined the "Brothers" for a song playing violin.

Mitch's dad, Doug McVicker, told me that he ran into a former teacher of Mitch's, Laura Soash, who is now teaching in Augusta. She used to teach in the Shawnee Heights Middle School in Topeka when Mitch was there, and was sharing some memories of when Mitch was writing songs even back then. He entered a talent show at school, and she remembered he was very nervous and worried what the other kids might think of his song. She also remembered very clearly how this noisy crowd of middle school kids became very still when Mitch sang - you could hear a pin drop. Neat, huh?

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