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Hi Mitch friends,

Mitch was just here in Wichita again this weekend, and I'd like to take this opportunity to post overdue reviews of his visit here a couple months ago, as well as all the events this weekend. There are lots of links and pics, so browse around. 

Mitch visits Ascension Lutheran Church, 2/3/1999

Last February, when Mitch was in town for a couple concerts, he graciously agreed to come by our church, Ascension Lutheran Church, on Wednesday evening, 2/3/1999, and speak to our kids in LOGOS (our mid-week program).

Most of the kids were aware of who Mitch was, and were really excited, especially since it was a last minute arrangement (I had only asked Mitch a couple days before). 

He spoke to a combined worship skills class about how important and special it was for them to have the chance to get together every week like this, and practice singing and praising. He told them how his life on the road made it impossible to make it to his own church every Sunday and how difficult it was most times to even get to church for "regular" worship at all - even though he spent most of his time in churches and singing music for God.

He also sang a couple songs for them, including "My Deliverer." Though Mitch co-wrote it, it was actually the first time I'd heard Mitch sing this new addition to his repertoire. He modestly introduced it (as he now does in concerts) as a song that his departed friend, Rich Mullins, and he wrote together for Rich to record. "Unfortunately, he never got to record it, but his friends in the Ragamuffin Band did, and I'd like to sing it for you now." (editor's note: I had a couple kids come up to me at church since the Dove Awards and excitedly ask me, "Didn't that song Mitch sang for us when he was here win a Dove Award?" - obviously a very special memory for them.)

Mitch also spent some time with the High School LOGOS class, and Derek Broten, our youth leader, says they still talk about that.

Thanks Mitch!

Friends University Faith and Learning Series, 2/4/1999

The morning of Feb 4th, Mitch and his band came back to Mitch and Michael's alma mater, Friends University. They were featured in a very special "Faith and Learning Lecture Series" in the Alumni Auditorium, which is located in the 113-year-old Davis Administration Building (listed on the National Register of Historic Places). Chaplain, author, and longtime friend of Mitch and Rich, Jim Smith, was the moderator for the "talk-show" styled appearance.

Here is a review of the morning submitted by Jason Haag.

This is a loose review of the Friends University
Wichita, KS performance on February 4, 1999

Mitch and his band played for an auditorium PACKED with college
students for their weekly chapel.

I didn't take notes like I had planned because I was mesmerized by 1)
their performance and 2) the short interviews the Chaplain did with each
of them between songs.  This is the performance as best as I can
remember it.

They opened up with Here and Now and went right on into Take Hold of Me.
These guys play so many different instruments it actually scares me. 
Michael played some configuration of Conga's, high hat, tambourine,
splash cymbal, and a large shallow - open bottomed drum.  (If you've
never seen them perform, it is an experience like no other).

Jim Smith, the Chaplain, then called Mitch over to interview him.  They
sat on stage and leaned back into one of the UGLIEST couches I have ever
seen (must have come from a dorm room) and put their feet up on a coffee

Jim made a few lame jokes to which the crowd stared blankly at him and
he remarked that it was a "tough crowd."  Mitch replied, "I think it's
because you're not saying anything funny."  After joking around about
Mitch's days as a basketball player and religion major at Friends, Jim
asked a serious question of Mitch.   He asked Mitch to talk about the
accident and his recovery.

Mitch took the microphone from Jim and started to say he had been in an
accident September of 1997. . ..  and paused to collect himself.  He
started in again. . ..and paused, obviously choked up.  Then he handed
the microphone back to Jim and told him to "say something funny".

Jim took the mic and started to speak when Mitch snatched the microphone
back from him.  He turned towards the audience and said in a clear
voice, "I was in a pretty bad wreck in September of 1997."

He paused again and looked into the sky and informed the audience he was
trying to think happy thoughts.  His current "happy thought" was of Care
Bears.  That broke the tension nicely and Mitch continued to say that
the wreck took the life of Rich Mullins and messed himself up "pretty

They played another song, I think it was "Heaven is Waiting" from the
Canticle.  I think it tied in nicely to both the flow of the
conversation, and the mood of the audience.

After that song, Jim called Eric Hauk over to interview.  They discussed
important matters such as how long it took for Eric to grow his mammoth
beard.  Evidently, he's been cultivating it since June.  Eric was on his
way to medical school when he decided to take a year off and ride across
the country on his motorcycle.   Jim told the story of the initial
meeting between Eric and Rich and Mitch at a gas station "in the middle
of nowhere."

Rich was looking for a Christian cellist, and here was Eric - riding a
motorcycle, in his leathers, at a gas station - and they strike up a
conversation about the cello.  Rich was a weird guy.

Jim asked what Eric has been learning in life and he replied that he had
learned a couple of things.  First of all, he has learned just how much
God is leading and directing - whether we know it or not.  And secondly,
he has learned that life's little "interruptions" are opportunities to
see where God is working in his life.   Meeting up with Rich was a
little "interruption" on his way to medical school .. . .and he thanks
God for it.

Shelli sang  "In Your Hands" from the Canticle and I think the school
known for it's great vocalists sat in awe.  She is an amazing singer -
not only for her voice, but the passion she pours into every word, every
note, every theme of the song.  I don't even remember what the other
three were playing, but I'm sure it was good.

After she finished singing, Jim asked her over to the "Oprah Couch" for
a quick visit.  Jim informed the audience that Shelli was a former Miss
Indiana and had learned a lot through pageantry that she could maybe
pass along to everyone.

Shelli talked about the need for people to like her and the need to win
approval from others.  She believed that if she could win something like
Miss Indiana then everyone would like her.  And if she could go on to
Miss America - she would have it made.  In the end, though, she learned
that it didn't matter what others thought of her.  What did matter was
who Jesus said she was.

After another song or 2, Jim drew the names of 2 of the audience members
to come up on stage and sit on the "Oprah Couch" and ask a couple
questions of the band.  They finished with The Lemonade Song, which
Mitch dedicated to the athletes who sit in the back of the auditorium
and sleep through Chapel.

The Chapel at Friends University is notorious for disruptions, students
talking, listening to walkmans, etc. when there is a speaker or
performer on stage.  The only time I have seen differently in my 6 years
of involvement at this school is when Brennan Manning comes to speak.

During the few pauses in Brennan's presentation, you can hear a pin
drop.  Students sit still, eyes glued on Manning, almost afraid to
breathe for fear they will miss something.

That's the way it was with Mitch.  When they were on the couch, pouring 
their hearts out, you could hear a pin drop.  When they would talk from 
behind their instruments, it was silent. Brennan Manning silent.

That's humble power.

I wish I had a better memory. . .but I don't.  I wish I could paint a
better picture for you with this. . ..but I can't.

You'll just have to see it for yourself.

Go With God,


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