Date: 06 January 1999

Subject: [MitchMailList 017]: Message from Mitch

Hi Mitch Friends,

Here's a message from Mitch, who is heading back out on the road after a nice, but short holiday vacation. There will be an update to concert dates coming very soon (hopefully including spring Homeless Man dates). 

Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 07:53:56
From: Mitch McVicker
Subject: Update

I had a busy fall doing concerts with the "Ragamuffin Band" and on my own
with Michael Aukofer and Eric Hauck.  I appreciated seeing quite a few of
you along the way.  I have had a few days to spend with my family during
this holiday time.

I have plans to be playing in concert a great deal this year in various
types of settings.  In January and February, I am performing approximately
twenty-five times with Michael Aukofer and Eric Hauck.  We will be
performing in various places from Maryland to Kansas.  In March and April,
I will be on the "Homeless Man" tour with the Ragamuffin Band.  Eric and
Michael will be along.  In May, I will be on tour by myself---some of the
time with the "Homeless Man" tour and some of the time on my own.

I hope to be doing Christian music festivals this summer.  The sites and
dates will be posted on the web site.  Also, I will be doing performances
and "Praise and Worship" at several camps.  I also have some concerts
scheduled for the summer months.

As far as I know, I will be doing concerts on my own in the fall.  I
already have several scheduled.  The concerts will be posted on my website,

Towards the end of 1999, I have plans to record another album. I have
written many songs this past year, and I hope that, by the end of the year,
my voice will be ready to record them.  I am doing some things now that
will need to be done in preparation for recording at the end of the year.
Until then, I am just wanting to communicate with others and with GOD as I
continue to do concerts.

I thank you for your interest in my music ministry and in my album.  I
appreciate all of the support you have given me and continue to give me.  I
still would appreciate your prayers as I strive to heal completely from the
accident and as I strive to be worthy of being a messenger for GOD through
my music.  

I look forward to seeing you somewhere along the way, as I travel on my
concert ministry.  I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Christmas
that was filled with JESUS CHRIST.  I hope that 1999 is a good year for all
of you and that you and I can continue to put GOD first in our lives.

Peace of Christ, 
Mitch McVicker

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