Date: 28 June 1998

Subject: [MitchMailList 001]: Inaugural Post

Hi Mitch Fans,

This is very exciting to finally have a web page and mailing list setup for Mitch. After a lunch meeting almost a year ago with Mitch and Rich to discuss this very thing (see [RichMailList 147]), no one could certainly have ever guessed the events that would transpire between then and now. I would like to send a big "Welcome" to all of you. The mailing list is only a week old and we already have almost 200 subscribers. But I should not be too surprised. There are many of you out there who have been praying for Mitch for a long time, and he certainly appreciates it.

Also, many of you who signed up for Mitch's snailmail list at concerts to receive a printed newsletter (as well as those who sent cards and letters during his time in the hospital and since), have probably received the second edition of that newsletter. The time that has past since the first edition (also mentioned in [RichMailList 147]) has been just as long. For those who are not on that snailmail list, and are concerned you may be missing something, never fear, we will always forward the same info to this mailing list. Except for information already contained on the web page like tour dates, here is the text of Mitch's message dated June 24, 1998. 

Well, my life has taken some unexpected turns since I last sent out a
letter in August 1997. I was in the car wreck that took the life Rich
Mullins in September 19, 1997. So, needless to say it messed me up
pretty good. I'm now starting to do things again, so I wanted to get
this in the mail and to thank you for the prayers, cards, letters, and
support that you've given to me and my family.

My injuries were many, but the most serious injury I sustained was a
closed head injury - that's what had me in a coma for several days. Due
to that injury, I still see with double vision, and I'm still waiting
for my singing voice to return to where it was before the wreck. Much of
my recovery has progressed faster than everyone thought, so I'm
thankful. My voice and vision are expected to return back to normal in
time, but it has been frustrating waiting on them. I have asked God to
heal me - and I believe He is - it's just that the healing process is
one that takes time. I have had to make a lot of new adjustments in the
last several months., but I am trying to move on with my life.

The weeks prior to the wreck, we had been working on my first album.
Rich and Mark Robertson produced it, and we had just finished up work on
it the day of the wreck. It has sort of been on the back burner ever
since. However, I have plans to release it independently on July 1st. I
believe in this project and would love for you to have it! I am
including an order form because this is your only way of getting it at
the present time.

I didn't think I would perform until my voice was healed, but I have
decided that it is time to do some concerts again. It is a big deal to
me that I can do anything at all. So, I will do what I can and worry
less about how it sounds. I think God will like what I am doing
regardless of my perception of the performance.

In the month of July, not only am I excited about performing at
Cornerstone Festival in Illinois, but I am also touring with This Train
(the band that toured with Rich and I last summer). I will open the show
and perform for about forty minutes. Concert dates are below. I would
love to see you at a concert if we get into your area!

Also, in the fall, I will be touring with the Ragamuffin Band (Rich's
band) as they promote Rich's new album, "The Jesus Record". This is the
next album Rich would have done, and they went ahead and recorded it
after his death. Michael Aukofer and Eric Hauck will be playing with me.
It's great to be working with them again. We will do a set of my music
and also play with the Ragamuffins on some of Rich's songs. I'll post
the fall tour dates on my new website as soon as I learn of them.

I would love it if you continued to pray for my healing and pray that I
would stay faithful to Jesus and that He would pull me closer to Himself
everyday. That is also my prayer for you.

                                   Peace of Christ,

Mitch came to Wichita this past week to deliver the CD's to the Better Book Room, so if you haven't already, order the new CD (or cassette) right away. It's great (do I sound biased?) I should share with you that ordering directly from Mitch means more profit for him. However, the Better Book Room has certainly helped as an alternative way to distribute the album. You will also be able to buy it at the concerts.

Mitch then took off for Cincinnati to meet up with Michael and Eric to rehearse for the Cornerstone appearance. I sure hope those of you attending will take good notes (and pictures) to share with the rest of us. (hint, hint)

P.S. Mitch informed me that Eric Hauck will also be sitting in temporarily with the Electrics, Celtic rockers from Scotland, (I guess their regular mandolin player had to miss this gig) who are appearing at Cornerstone on Thursday night on the Main Stage. Check it out.

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