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Mitch McVicker has been on a non stop schedule crossing the countryside visiting some states more than once at a pace only marathon racers can appreciate..  The miles have been put on the van as he traveled in January to NY and then crossed the country playing in TN, TX, SC, NC, PA, IL, MN, IN, KY, MO, VA, WI....etc..  And when he finds a few days off, the new CD has been getting his attention as he does the final touches to his sophomore solo project Chasing The Horizon.

He probably doesn't need a road map anymore because touring the country has been part of his life since he graduated from Friends University in Kansas in May, 95.  That's when he started chasing the horizon out there with Rich Mullins to their next scheduled concert venue which usually was states away from their home in New Mexico.

After an accident in 97 which sent Rich home to the Father, and nearly Mitch, he's been traveling two roads.  One path down the road to his health recovery and the other path driven by his love of God and strong desire to expose the Kingdom of God to people.  His health is still healing, with double vision problems and nerve damage still being repaired by his Lord.  On his second path, his vision is crystal clear as he delivers his music and message of love, hope and faith from God.

This second path brings him to some familiar stops, some old friends and many new faces that are amazed by his talents and inspiring music. His companion for over a year, the guy who shared the miles, vocalized with him and supported him is Brad Layher.  The two together are equipped to give the crowds more than they imagined.  Just a couple of guitars, harmonica, hammered dulcimer, and incredible voices have been spreading the Gospel in their own way.  The music shared is from the Mitch McVicker CD, Canticle of the Plains CD, the upcoming Chasing The Horizon CD, a few other favorite hymns and some other yet unrecorded compositions.  The concerts are attended by a variety of people who come out of the events rejuvenated and inspired.  In June, they were joined by another, Joe Curet on percussions.  Joe is also a member of the trio group This Train along with Jordan Richter and Mark Robertson.

Lots of miles, shared music, shared stories.  Some of the stories just entertain you about their adventures.  Some of the stories go right to the heart as he passionately reveals the Spirit, and the Gospel while he talks about Compassion USA, Jesus on the Cross, the Kingdom of God and faith, love and hope; themes that are intertwined in his music.

In April he released four new songs for the anxious music followers who couldn't wait for the anticipated next  release of an upcoming CD  You can order this project at The Official Site or  pick it up at an awesome concert event.

Mitch has expressed that while it has been very draining touring this year, he knows he has been blessed to be able to do the thing he loves to do the most.  Singing his songs, sharing the Gospel, spreading the love, hope and faith of Jesus.  That is a talent he learned in part from his great mentor, confidant, friend, and  co-writer Rich Mullins, who in retrospect said about Mitch: "Oh, this guy is Frank (St. Francis of the Assisi).   If we want to develop the character of Frank, what we need to do is study Mitch," because he really is...Mitch is a pretty soft-spoken person, he's a very committed Christian, he's very gentle, but he's not wishy washy.  I mean, he's a lot of those things that Frank would be, and a lot like what I imagined St. Francis was. Kind of a guy who kinda knew who he was, didn't worry a lot that he didn't know all the answers, but had a sort of a deep-rooted peace in him."

And where is the path leading him next?   Mitch has plenty of concerts planned,Link to his official tour schedule  but he also took time off to take a  trip with Compassion International to Thailand this year July 5-14.  To read more about Thailand from Compassion International visit Thailand. Mitch had an awesome trip and journalized it for us his official site.

Mitch will also later this year participate in an exciting Compassion International touring event with a tour goal of finding 1,000 sponsors for impoverished children. This September 29th-November 19th tour will expose his music to some people who haven't heard his remarkable gifts. 

When he was asked about his involvement with Compassion.. Mitch said:" Yeah, I love being involved with Compassion.  That again all stems down from Rich.. He worked with Compassion USA.. so that's how I was first exposed to it.. He would talk about it in concerts and so it was just a natural progression when I started doing this again.. When I was able to.. Compassion talked to me about doing it... and I love doing it.. It makes me feel like there is something more that's coming from my concerts than just what you see there that night.. Actually I feel kind of empty when I don't get to present Compassion... because I go wow.. we just missed a change to get a bunch of people help and I go .. This is a chance for me to be a Christian.. and I may not be a Christian the rest of this day except that I'm going to reach out to these people in this way..and this is an opportunity at a place of performing and I'm going to do it because.. if we are known by our love.. its one way for me to try and do that.. I will be associated with Compassion for as long as they will have me.. just because I feel it gives me some substance to what I'm doing.." **1

Keep Mitch, Brad and Joe in your prayers as they travel.  Both on their journeys of faith across the USA.   Plan on seeing them in concert and share his music with your friends!  You can keep track of their current schedule always at his awesome home site.

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