Concert Review  ~ Mitch McVicker
Northwestern Bookstore 3/25/00
ST. John Lutheran Church, Woodbury, MN 3/26/00

~ by suzan email:

Mitch McVicker and Brad Layher along with four guitars, hammered dulcimer, harmonica and a very strong Holy Spirit that just hovered around gave us a concert etched in permanent-memory-save-land in my mind.

Two months ago, I never heard Mitch's voice.  Finally with the release of Mitch McVicker  on Rhythm House Records, I was able to secure a copy.  Now everyone can get it with little effort at Christian Bookstores everywhere and online.. however to support his ministry, Mitch benefits the most when you either pick the music up at a concert or order it directly from him at his site using the order link below:

Please do try and and order it from his Official Site At: Order Link

The effect of Mitch live is unbelievable.  I've read numerous reports and he even talked about his voice not being back to before the accident.  I think God is just smiling down, because the effect of Mitch delivering his songs with such a unique and very, very contagious, got-to-hear-that-song-again-kind-of-voice is awesome.

listening  to Mitch with Brad at the Northwestern Bookstore in Woodbury and than again at St. John's church left me smiling with outward joy and excitement.  You know the feeling when you are so thrilled you just open up completely.  The sound at this one was spectacular.  I could not believe it was just two guys up there.  Mitch and Brad were so sequenced and harmonic together.

When Brad did his song "Tinman"  he told a great story with it and then when it was time to sing he looked at Mitch and said " your going to help me right"? ..or something to that effect.  Yeah, they compliment each others voices.  Brad was awesome, and I hope while he stays with Mitch and also puts out his own album of songs soon.

I'm telling you guys with Mitch and Brad on stage sounding like a full 8-12 piece band..  anything else would just be a distraction.  During the first concert at the bookstore, I know I found myself looking down because my senses were just over powered by the sound and I didn't want to be distracted by those two guys, which I know is a funny thing to say.

Usually you can not get enough of the whole package, but my brain was actually going into over load.  I've been listening to only a select few.  For me, great Christian music is another way to connect to God.  I just feel the Holy Spirit  and sense being closer than ever to the Father and Son when I listen to these guys.  I call them my "God-lovin' Christian Poster Boys for Jesus".

Notes taken at the Concerts:

Northwestern Bookstore..  I secured my second copy of his CD and a cassette.  I really needed extra copies so that it can easily be passed along to members of my family.  Hey Mitch, isn't it great when people fight over who gets to hear your Cd that day?  Yeah, we play it for everyone, but earphones for that personal concert effect are seen through out the house.  Anyhow, Noah and I got there early.  Noah, my nephew who I usually embarrass started singing too loud your songs while listen to them.. How awesome to get an 18 year old pumped.  Of course he lives up to his namesake.  Noah was in New Mexico 97 doing mission work for over a week with our church group. They did repairs at an indian reservation.  Noah then just 15, learned to hang sheet rock, repair roofs, rebuild walls, paint and just be a symbol of the love of God.  His next mission trip was to a reservation in South Dakota, followed by an inter-city trip the next year out east.  Anyhow, I was thrilled to meet up with you that day and you really left a strong impression on Noah.

The sound in the bookstore was cool and very intimate! It was like having a personal concert in your living room.  Mitch was very soft spoken when he was talking to us but his voice was very strong when he delivered over 10 songs I believe.  It was my Christian 2000 highlight... until the next day..

Notes Taken at St. John's concert:

Well, because the unexpected mini concert on the 25th was so way beyond any conceived expectations, I declared after church on Sunday to Noah, I HAVE to see them again today.  The rest of my family had commitments out of town so it was just us again.  Noah saw the desperate plea in my eyes and agreed.  Were WI by a mile on the St. Croix River, but still it was only an hour trip.  On the way in I said should I turn the CD off, have you had too much.. No, he wanted to listen..  (With the concert yesterday and the ride home and there we had already listened over 4 hrs)..  (He also insisted we listen on the way home and yeah he loves My Deliverer, Gospel Rain, New Mexico.. guess I don't need to list the whole cd)..

Anyhow a couple of glitches, the internet said the concert was at 5.. the brochure said it was at 6..well we tried to call.. but then to safeguard not missing it had to shoot for 5.  We didn't have a clue where the Church was, but I got an idea from map quest.   We got there just before 5.. no one hardly at the church.. but we saw his poster and I caught a van plate Tn?  so I knew we were at the right place.  Noah ran in.. came back with a grin  it's at 6:30.. I said, what! are you sure?.. He said "I practically talked to Mitch"..

Ok so we were shopped out from yesterday, so we did the blizzard at  DQ (funny because a story was told that night about how Mitch want's them packaged in tubes!)  Then we did some browsing..  Just before 6 I said ok, lets go.. Which was good, because his first song was just 6:10ish.. just minutes after we got there.

The acoustics were great in the Church.  Glad it was being recorded.  Noah thought Mitch was brave wearing shorts, because it was getting colder.  The guys looked a bit tired, but you sure could not tell it from the delivery of the songs.  They sang a ton of them almost everything from the CD and then his songs from Canticle of the Plains.. and some unrecorded new treasures.   Seeing these two guys up there delivering CD recording quality sounds with such energy is my new Christian 2000 highlight.  Mitch talked with passion about the compassion program.  He told the powerful imagery story of Jesus on the Cross.

All I can say fans, if you get an opportunity to see him live GO. The crowd was subdued and I like a fool had paper and Cd in hand, but I know the concert was appreciated.  Later I thought, what a fool I was, I could have feed the audience so easily.  Really Mitch, I'm not even sure it's all you and Brad, because like I said the Spirit which is there for the taking just filled the event.  We didn't stay around for a second meeting, because Noah still had homework to deal with. 

So glad to read Mitch has many new songs ready for us!  Today it has been Canticle of the Plains.. which I just picked up.  I've had his 4 songs on while I worked through projects on the internet today.. then I listen to the rest..

Mitch/Brad/Danl and all his fans..

Stay strong friends
suzan   ~  a friend in Christ..


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