Midnight in Madison #10 4:24
words and music by Mitch McVicker
Copyright © 2002 White Plastic Bag Music (SESAC) &Dustproof Music (SESAC)
All rights reserved
Lyrics reprinted by permission

It's midnight in Madison 
but it's difficult to catch my breath. 
I've been going so hard, trying to flee the dark. 
But I'm just left with a burning chest. 

But the stars shine when the shadows grow. 
I'm by myself tonight, but I am not alone. 

My heart caves in, I'm far from rustproof. 
My soul is collapsin' but I trust you. 
You put me together again. 

The breeze do-si-dos the moonlight. 
I wanna come to know those moves. 
You're twirling everywhere, and I'm left standing there. 
O my sin cuts in, cut me loose. 

Cloudy skies make the rivers flow. 
I'm by myself tonight, but I'm not alone. 


The stars shine, and the rivers flow. 
I'm by myself tonight, I'm by myself tonight. 
I feel like I'm by myself, but I'm not alone.


Mitch: Midnight In Madison was the most evolving song.  I had the whole thing done for along time.  But the lyrics didn't seem right forever.  The chorus didn't jump like I wanted it to.  I even played it in concert under whatever song title it had at the time, and people said they really liked that song.  But It just wasn't right to me yet.  That's what you have to do.  Stay at a song and persevere even though you want to get it done.  This had probably been sitting there 8 or 9 months, and people were saying that's cool.   I was going, no it's not right.  It can be something else.  You have to just stay at it and hope it is going to become something. 

It comes from my fascination to live in Madison Wisconsin, first of all.  I had talked about wanting to live in Wisconsin to various people and they were like.. you would fit good in Madison..  I think you would love Madison.  I had never been there, but basically I decided I wanted to move there before I had ever been there.  Then one time we visited there, and I go great, I know how things never live up to my expectations because this had kind of taking on some kind of Disney World notion for me.  But then it ended up being as cool as I thought It might be.  It lived up to my expectations, and it was great and everything.  But then I was left with the fact that Madison is great, but my sins are still here.  My heart is still caving in, my soul isn't rustproof and when it gets rained on it begins to crumble.  Though things seem perfect here in Madison, I'm far from perfect but Jesus somehow you make me that way.

** Midnight In Madison

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