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his one comes from Linda and she hosted the Feb. 23 concert In West Chicago!  Just from her postings and some e-mails I felt an urge to ask her if she would consider writing something up for the site. 

I think these short articles written by people who are willing to share their experiences are fuel for the guys and interesting and helpful for others to read.  More exciting is that they are the outpour and a wonderful witness to the power of the Holy Spirit moving in them.  I'm thankful, always thankful by what God does.  I've got to use a quote from an interview I did with Brad:   on that I wrote this: " I am never amazed when God goes, "thanks for asking, this is what I can do for you at this time."  What DOES amaze me is when people do that."   Thanks Linda! ~ your friend in Christ ~ suzan.

Spending the evening with a friend ~ by Linda W.

I first became aware of Mitch, as so many initially did, through Rich Mullins.  Not because he was the ďother guy in the jeepĒ, but because I was new to the Christian music scene and looking for different artist to check out.  I remember reading an interview of Richís where he said what a fan he was of Mitch.  So I took his recommendation and hunted down a CD. 

I was completely awed by it.  He spoke of things that I believed; and said things I felt needed to be heard.  I saw Mitch for the first time in April 1999.  He was touring at the time with Eric, Michael and Shelli.  What I saw that evening was four people that truly cared about each other.  Laughs came easy for them.  I came away that night aware of just how much Mitch had to lean on and trust in God.  I saw God working through those four friends.  I left with a renewed sense of just how good God is. 

I donít exactly recall the chain of events but I let my pastor listen to Mitchís CD.  And I must have said something about booking a concert.  We had never done anything like it before but my pastor told me to look into it.  I must admit that my initial motivation was purely selfish.  But I knew better than to push it.  If it were going to happen it would have to be spirit driven.  But I really wanted my friends and their parents and their kids to hear Mitch.

I wanted them to hear what I heard; a truly humble man that admitted his struggles and questions but was continually coming to God for strength and guidance.  I wanted people to hear a hammered dulcimer and a mandola. I wanted them to see that you can really play a harmonica without holding it.  I wanted, especially the kids, to know that what makes music good isnít slick costumes and fancy dance moves.  I wanted the total experience for them.  I wanted them to hear Mitch sing of Godís love and faithfulness for us. 

I still donít know how it happened but we hosted Mitch and Brad in March 2000.  I truly believe God had a direct hand in it because I could never have done it on my own.  It was unbelievable just how many people were affected by what Mitch said. 

Iíve mediated, contemplated and shared the words of many of Mitchís songs with others.  Iíve been comforted and reassured.  Iíve shed tears and laughed a few good laughs over them too.  Iíve had a few opportunities since then to see Mitch, Brad and Joe and every time I talk to them I find them to be truly, truly nice guys.  In a world where they have the opportunity to meet hundreds of people, they are always happy and surprised to see familiar faces in the crowd.  It is plainly clear to me that God is leading them.  I look forward to every time I see Mitch.  I leave feeling like a great evening was spent with a friend; even though I donít get to do any of the talking. 

Peace - Linda

I asked Linda a follow up question a few days after her concert.  I wanted to know if it met her expectations and was it worth all the work she put in coordinating it. 

Linda replied:  The concert was amazing.  Yes it was  a lot of work, but no not really.
I only wish I could have been in more than one place at a time that night.  Yes it was worth the work.  I had been questioning God as to *why* was I doing this concert.  I have a somewhat strained relationship with the church.  I just said to them "you know I really  don't care one way or another, but what do you want?"  And they said to go ahead. 

About a week ago I found out just how God was using me, and Mitch in his big picture.  I had gotten a call from a church in Elgin that was sponsoring a group of
homeless on a weekend retreat and wanted to start off the evening at the concert.   But they couldn't afford the price of the tickets.  I brought it to the congregation and they sponsored 34 of the 48 people that came that evening.  Besides  the homeless, there were some men that were going through a 12 month dependency program with them that evening.  They needed to be ministered to and God chose Mitch. 

It was awesome.  And the spontaneous worship at the end was twice as long as usual.  I was so consumed by God's love and forgiveness; to see so many hands raised up to heaven, and in a Lutheran church no less.  We don't do things like that there.  To see people not being concerned what the other person might think.  Everyone involved in their personal praises to God.  I left that evening feeling that, with God's help, Mitch had connected with each and everyone of us.

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