The miles, and the concerts, and the music and the prayers and the soul sharing just were not enough for this Christian artist.  Mitch has generously donated one of his personal instruments to be sold as a fund-raiser for the Paynesville Community Service Center.  I imagine giving up a guitar for this artist as the same as giving up a piece of his soul.  And yet if you ever see him in concert you will realize that is exactly what he does at each venue.  Soul sharing and pushing people towards Jesus are his priorities. 

Mitch: The theme that runs through my music is that the love of God is stronger than anything else we will come up against.  We human beings are imperfect but God is perfect and He will complete a good work in us one day.  With my future performances and albums, I would like to point to Jesus and His love for us.  A love that is unwavering, tough, and bigger than we are."  ~Peace in Christ ~ Mitch McVicker ~

Although Mitch isn’t sure of the year of this guitar, the serial number indicates it as a 1988, 1989 or possibly 1990 Fender F-230CE. It is an acoustic/electric, with 22 frets on a rosewood fingerboard, spruce top and rosewood sides and back. The neck is straight, there is no significant fret wear, no major nicks or blemishes on the finish, just the normal signs of wear that a player’s instrument picks up over the years. It is personally signed by Mitch with the words, “Peace of Christ, Mitch McVicker”. A padded Fender gigbag was included with the guitar.

 This is the instrument Mitch used for a taping of the “700 Club” on 9/11/01. He says he’s written a lot of music on this guitar, and we think it probably has some good tunes left in it.

Front of Guitar
Back of Guitar

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