by Mitch McVicker
  1.  Emmanuel
  2.  Strength to Move
  3.  Upside Down
  4.  When You Love
  5.  Suits of Skin
  6.  Watch Over Me
  7.  Anything
  8.  It Wont Take Long
  9.  Burning the Fields
10.  Rich’s Song
11.  Where Did It Go?
12.  Kingdom of the Heart
 What an outstanding folk-rock collection this is! A follow-up to the acclaimed self-titled debut, "Chasing the Horizon" sees Mitch McVicker truly come into his own. A close colleague of Rich Mullins, Mitch was with him on that fateful day in '97 when, following a serious road crash, Rich was taken home to the Lord. As Mitch slowly yet amazingly repaired of multiple injuries, he used the time to reflect on issues relating to life, death and faith. Of the many songs written during that period, these dozen pieces wonderfully reflect the poet's thoughts and insights - representing a remarkable legacy to Mullins' rich life.

  Indeed, this teacher's influence is evident throughout - musical styles are similar in their raw, infectious manner, and Mitch's deep, earthy vocals sound uncannily like Rich's (I keep hearing Elvis Costello here and there too!). Further, one track - the delightful 'When you love' - was penned by Mullins, while another was written in his memory.

  Still, in no sense is this merely a remembrance offering. A major strength of the disc is that from everywhere flows a freshness and vitality which are utterly compelling. Production too (This Train/Ragamuffin Band's Mark Robertson) is top notch, with contributions from Rick Elias, Phil Madeira and Steve Hindalong all adding to the richness of sound.

  Favourites? Let's just say I don't have any non-favourites! From start to finish this a varied, challenging and invigorating listen - thoroughly worthwhile. Jump on the train now, and join with Mitch and all those who have already discovered the adventure. It's time to Chase the Horizon!

Review by tom lennie