In Concert
Mitch McVicker


Brad Layher

Joe Curet
Mitch McVicker will be performing in concert with Brad Layher and Joe Curet.  Mitch is the 99 Dove award winner of song of the year for My Deliverer which he co-wrote with his friend and music collaborator Rich Mullins.  Mitch released his first self-titled record independently in 1998.  The past seven years Mitch has kept a busy schedule playing between 100 and 150 concerts a year.  These concerts are what Mitch refers to as "the backbone of what I do.  It is my chance to communicate with people and present Jesus and the kingdom of God." He has recorded with dcTalk, Rich Mullins and Ray Boltz.  His mission is threefold:  to introduce people to Jesus for the first time, to wake up those who have become apathetic in their faith and to nurture mature believers. Projects include:
Canticle of the Plains, Mitch McVicker - Self Titled, Chasing The Horizon, Without Looking Down, LIve at the Off Center Garage - DVD
365 Meditations for Young Adults - Book
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