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Words & Music by Mitch McVicker
Copyright White Plastic Bag Music
All rights reserved
Lyrics reprinted by permission

First lines of some songs:

Well I've been lookin' to the north

Well, Sometimes I feel at home

Your word is plain as the nose upon my face

There's a driftin' song

Oh when I look up I long to see you, Lord

Jim came walkin' down the road

Well the darkness swirls around me

Every dog'll have it's day

Joseph took his wife and her child and he went to Africa

One of these days I just might lose my mind

Well I've been thinkin' about you and I wish you the best

At the middle of my soul, A battle goes on and on

Well, I hold my breath and I hold on to the love, that is falling down on my shoulders

Well, I don't got leather seats, but at least I got an engine

There are somethings you pray in your prayers you can't sing in your songs

There is so much more inside of each of us, It can be so overwhelming

Hope, is all I have, But I don't know If I've got much left

Well, I'll take the scraps, That fall to the floor

Well my home is far away

Well, they're burning the fields in Kansas, The Flint Hills are all ablaze

If you chase the horizon long enough, Then you just might lose the dark

The Lord will lift us up and never say goodbye

This world could come to a halt, And it would not matter to me

I do tricks just to try to get your attention

I've lost my head, I've lost my nerve.  Can't even remember where I put them.

I need you Jesus, I need you more than anything.

It'd been some time since you changed that water to wine.

She is a stargazer.  She loves to look up into the night.

I've seen it all, but now I wanna see your face.

Even in your roughest times you won't be overcome.

I can hear a growl. I wanna tuck my tail and head home. 

Your love keeps no record,  of the love I can't let go of. 

But it's difficult to catch my breath.  I've been going so hard, trying to flee the dark.

The sky's been torn and the moon is red.  The world will soon be engulfed by grace. 

Well, he'd always been a traveler and a seeker of something better. 

First lines from the chorus:

And so there's only, yeah, there's only so much we get to give

Yeah, He is the only thing I want to see

From out of nowhere from out of the blue, these clouds like holy prophets groan and move

She asked me how I'd change this world

And don't You ever let me see too much

And he'd sing I, I don't know much But I know a Love

Because I, I can't get my broken heart to mend

I don't wanna live, I don't wanna live, I don't wanna live, don't wanna live without You, Lord

My Deliverer is coming - my Deliverer is standing by

Maybe someday soon now I'll leave the world behind

I'm alive and I'm livin' In a place where the world's crust has shifted

You are right here with us, I guess that's why Your called Emmanuel

And I know the smallest stone can sometimes cause,  A wave to grow and cross the ocean

But I'm livin' in a world that's upside down, and blessed are the poor in spirit

Yeah when you love, you are gonna to find peace

Yeah, He chose to make us His home, So how can we house Him

And I've heard You take care of the birds, As you watch over all the matters of this world

Yeah, here's my soul, do with it what You want, 'Cause I don't even know what I need

And the night is so black, And the sky is so big

Yeah, renew my soul like that green grass on the prairies

I'm sure you smile a lot more than you ever did before

And with the kingdom at hand, We search for that, That never lasts,

Sometimes this world, It spins so fast, I think I might fall off

'Cause you have everything, There's nothing you could ever need.

So take the wheel, take me wherever you want. Just lead me home.

I've run dry, so let the water flow.  I've grown cold inside and only you can warm my soul

Consumed with the truth, you started turning tables.

If her faith starts wearing thin, she don't hide.

If I could just be with you, Lord,  it would take my breath away.

So now don't you let your heart be troubled.  The peace I bring to you is not of this world

So I won't be afraid now when he shows his teeth again. 

And I would fly without looking down, and feel your light shining all around me.

My heart caves in. I'm far from rustproof.

Darkness turns to light, death turns to life. 

Just a little glimpse of heaven is the one thing he hoped he'd get. 

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