Precious Blood

You move yesterday one step further away
When tomorrow comes
Though my storage sin has stopped paying rent
It makes itself at home
So let this distress move me closer to You
In the midst of regret I can't, I can't forget

Your precious blood shed for me
Your gracious love wiping my slate clean

Next to eternity, how could I ever think
I could change Your course?
All that's mine You gave, and everything You've placed
Within me is Yours
Though I hold the spikes and swing with all my might,
Your face is love
I push up the beams, You look right through me
I can't look away from


Your face is love...
I can't look away from


2006 White Plastic Bag Music

Mitch McVicker on Precious Blood: This song came from discovering jazz inversions of a couple chords in one of my favorite song writer's, Tom Waits, songbooks. I started playing around with a melody to fit with the chord progression that came from this discovery.  And the lyrics that spilled out of me talked about how the Lord does not count my past and or my tarnished record. Why? Simply because of his doing ... because of his sacrifice.

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