Deeper in Love #9 4:47
words and music by Mitch McVicker
Copyright © 2002 White Plastic Bag Music (SESAC) &Dustproof Music (SESAC)
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Your love keeps no record 
of the love I can't let go of. 
My fault won't stand up to your grace. 

Your mercy's as wide as the sky, 
as bright as clouds holding sunlight. 
It showers me and I am blown away. 

If I could see clearly 
I would notice you're molding me.

And I would fly without looking down 
and feel your light shining all around me. 
And with your wind beneath my soul 
you're gonna catch me as I fall 
Deeper in love with you. 

I wanna drink some holy water 
and eat whatever you're droppin'. 
Everything coming my way is blown in by grace. 

If  I could hear clearly 
I would notice your voice calling. 


Mitch: Deeper In Love was just a love song to Jesus.  That came from one of my favorite verses about how love keeps no record of wrongs.  I wanted to write a song about that forever.  So that is just the first line.  I wrote it late spring 2001.  I wanted it to be real mellow and feely.  I had been listening to a band called Coldplay for quite awhile and I wanted to give it kind of that feel.

Once again my experimentation with falsetto showed itself with this song.  The first time I played it was the day I got done writing it.  It was in Indiana, at a little coffee house.  It was just me and Jeff and a friend of mine named Kevin Galloway who was helping us out.  This song then evolved a good bit.  I wrote it in 4/4 and we rehearsed it that way in the studio, and had even done it in concert that way.  At the last second, after the second weekend break from recording, I came back to the studio and told the guys ok, we are going to do this song in 6 now.  That gives it a completely different feel and take.  They were scrambling, trying to figure out what was going to happen with the song.  But I thought It would be better in 6.

**Deeper In Love

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