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Decision Today: Talked to Mitch McVicker about his friendship with Rich Mullins and his own debut album.  On Sept. 19, 1997 Rich Mullins and friend and band member Mitch McVicker were traveling in a Jeep to Wichita Kansas for a benefit concert.  But the trip was tragically canceled when the jeep spun out of control throwing Mullins from the vehicle to his death and severely injuring McVicker.

Mitch McVicker:  Physically I lost a lot, you know I had to relearn to walk and talk.  And how did it changed my life?  I don't know exactly until you know, maybe I'm 80 or until I'm dead, maybe then I will know.

Decision Today:  Mitch McVicker first meet Rich Mullins while studying music at Friends University In Wichita.  Starting in 1986, Rich had established himself as one of the premier singer/song writers within Christian music.  Before the accident, Mitch McVicker had co-written a song with Rich Mullins that was to go on the next Mullins album.

Mitch McVicker:  He came to me with the idea for the song, a lot of the song intact, and we worked it out.  We were trying to.. talking to Jesus in a historical sense, just talking about his life. Except for the fact that we don't know a lot about him as a child.   We don't know anything about him.. there was one mention of him when he was twelve,  and other than that, it is all up in the air.  So we took a little poetic licensing and we tried to put together some of the things that we knew of for sure and we were trying to say and even at the time, as a child, Jesus was our deliverer.

Decision Today:  The Rich Mullins album that was to contain the song, My Deliverer was never made.  But the ragamuffins, did record the album, the Jesus record, and included the song My Deliverer.  It became the song of the year at the 1999 Dove Awards.

Mitch McVicker:  The song is a hopeful cry from a people that don't have a lot of reason to have a lot of hope.  A record company had me record my version of it a few month's ago.  And mine's a little bit different than that.  Mine is a little more despairing sounding, a little more doubting sounding.  But gives it room to grow into this very hopeful sentiment.  That I think the lyric is talking about.

Decision Today:  Mitch McVicker's debut solo album, contains several other songs he co-wrote during travels with Rich Mullins.

Mitch McVicker: I would say that the common thread that runs through everything, is the love of God.  All of my songs end up kind of being about love and a lot of times I say that's just because I'm in a rut.  But it's an ok rut to be in.

Decision Today:  They asked Mitch, what he would say to Rich Mullins, if he were to walk into the room with him right now.

Mitch McVicker:  Thank You.  Yeah,  .. That was a thank you for being my friend.  And I didn't give you a lot of reason to be a friend.  Thank you for showing me what friendship means.  And, thank you for believing in me, when a lot of people didn't.

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