Mitch McVicker -- Chasing The Horizon
Matthew Turner
Music and Entertainment Editor


ARTIST: Mitch McVicker 
ALBUM: Chasing The Horizon 
ONE-LINE: Enjoy this solo Ragamuffin as he demonstrates the power of a new lyric, while remembering the one who taught him to write. 

Mitch McVicker, former member of Rich Mullins' band The Ragamuffins, delivers a CD dedicated to the memory of Rich, while looking toward the horizon for new concepts and ideas. 

Rich's memory lives on in tracks like Emmanuel and Rich's Song, while Mitch chases the sun with songs like Anything and Strength To Move. 

The promise of new things to come looks good. Mitch performs some of the best vocals I've ever heard from him. The problem? The average listener probably couldn't tell the difference between Mitch and Rich. (And another thing, their names sound the same!) 

Follow Mitch as he chases the new horizons into the future while remembering the past. 

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The J Man