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Mitch McVicker
(still has that high jump.. background pic!)

All-City Basketball

Michael Blackwell, Topeka High
Shane Bryan, Hayden
Chad Eshbaugh, Seaman
Mitch McVicker, Shawnee Heights
Michael Weishaar, Shawnee Heights
Coach - Willie Nicklin, Topeka High

**mitch early life/ basketball

A nice quote about Mitch from Phantom Toolbooth.  They were doing a review of MWS 'workship again' album and said this:  about Micahel W. Smith:

" When straining to reach a higher note, or sing at a louder volume, it takes on a reedy quality much like distortion from the speakers on an old radio tuner.  This is never more apparent than on the Rich Mullins tunes he covers here ­ “Step By step” and “I See You.”  Mullins’ music should never be forgotten, but I am starting to wonder if anyone other than Mitch McVicker should perform it in concert."


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