Chasing the Horizon

  Mitch McVicker's sophomore release, Chasing the Horizon, unvells organic acoustic pop in the musical vein of bands like the Wallflowers or Tom Petty, fueled by Mitch's poetic, wry musings on our need for the Grace of Christ in our journey through the fallen world. His weathered, warm vocals provide a welcome respite from the plethora of teeny-bop singers who dominate the music scene today, especially bedecked in the Midwestern folk-rock sound of his pleasantly sophisticated musical arrangements. Mitch's songwriting bears the unmistakable influence of his late friend and mentor Rich Mullins (Mitch was in the car with Rich during the wreck that took Rich's life), and, if this recording is any indication, the student may in time surpass his teacher. 
Author: Mitch McVicker