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Artist: Mitch McVicker
CD Title: Chasing The Horizon
Record Label: Out Of The Box Records 

   CD Review - Chasing The Horizon(Mitch McVicker)  

Former Ragamuffin Band member Mitch McVicker's sophomore project is his best effort yet. With a unique folk-acoustic blend, Mitch does nothing but impress this reviewer.

By far one of the best tracks on the CD is its title cut, Chasing The Horizon, which is dedicated to Rich Mullins. Mitch had worked with Rich for a few months and even helped write several songs with him. This song was written more than two years after a car accident (which Mich was also injured in) took the life of Rich Mullins. Chasing The Horizon is a deeply touching song, and is even more impressive live.

Also highlighting the CD are Upside Down, Burning The Fields, and Emmanuel.

I definitely recommend you pick this up if you're a fan of acoustic/folk music. This is a great CD from an artist who definitely deserves more recognition than he gets. 

Overall score: 9.2