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Review:  Inspired to worship

This Belfast born artist strung an amazing collection of lyrics and melodies together to give us Inspired to Worship.   His song writing skills seem effortless, yet well balanced and constructed as the music flows smoothly together with his vocals and acoustic rhythms.  Passion and  experiences are weaved beautifully throughout this whole project. 

The song Victory in Defeat, is my song of the year award from this collection.  That song along is worth the price of the whole project. 

The Lyrics: 

When everything is uphill
When everything is pain
I find amazing comfort
When I recall again....

He is captivating.  His vocals are contagious.  The album has an organic flavor and is not over-produced.  Sometimes I think God just smiles when people find the talents He has placed in us used so well. 

The song I see the Lord,  has a theme  done endlessly before, yet  when this artists brings his song writing talents to it and his other songs in this collection;  they simply glow.

The Lyrics:

On the rainsoaked streets of Glasgow
In two lover's tender kiss
In a worn and torn old photograph..

The song When All is Said and Done  is an awesome wrap-up song on the project.  It leaves you wanting more.

Phil Maderia is such a gifted Producer, and along with Phil Keaggy and artists Chris Donohue and others, they have given us a Sammy Horner project to embrace.  This is a CD  that you will want to share with your friends.  Encourage others to purchase this CD an in turn support a gifted artist making a difference.


by Sammy Horner

This latest solo album from Sammy Horner is a wonderful example of how great songwriters can mature into even greater songwriters.  Sammy is probably best known for fronting Celtic rock band The Electrics, and although his solo career may be well established this album is definitely his best to date.  Even on first listening, these worship songs have a recognisable and catchy quality about them.  Often simple themes can lead to a songwriter churning out the same old stock Christian phrases; but in this case, the lyrical approach is fresh and the narratives are captivating.  The production approach here is also superb, allowing the songs the freedom to breathe within spacious arrangements and delicate musicianship.  It may be a far cry from the brash and energetic vibe of The Electrics, but here the Nashville sound really comes into its own.    Trust me – this is a great song smith who’s maturing nicely. 


Sammy Horner: Acoustic Celtic Praisen 
On this, his fifth solo outing, Electrics lead singer Sammy Horner continues in the same fashion carved out on the previous four. While the Electrics have slowly blossomed into a crack Celtic-rock outfit with declarations of faith sometimes understated, Horner’s solo albums leave little for debate. He is an unabashed Christian whose music is intended to edify and entertain the believer. That doesn’t mean that the non-believer cannot appreciate his work as he’s developed into a top-notch songwriter brimming with irresistible melodies. This album is what it is – an acoustic collection of songs of worship and praise. Several of these selections have appeared in more amplified versions on previous releases like QUAICH and T-ALLT RUADH. On this recording singer and guitarist Horner is joined by longtime Electrics member Jim Devlin on guitars and mandolin and recent Electrics addition Tim Cotterell on fiddle and all manner of acoustic instruments (mandolin, mandola, banjo, melodeon, etc.). Cotterell, incidentally, also plays with the left-leaning Tricks Upon Travellers, which must surely cause him to reconcile his beliefs in one direction or the other. Regardless, Sammy Horner and friends have created tasteful music that will hopefully appeal to those who might otherwise dismiss it as too preachy or “churchy.” As a longtime fan of Sammy Horner’s music (both solo and with the Electrics), and as one who is secure in my beliefs I am not at all hesitant to give ACOUSTIC PRAISE a categorical thumbs up. 


Anyone who has been following Sammy's career down the years will know that this Belfast-born songsmith is a fine composer whose lyrics often tease out spiritual insights from whatever subject he is addressing. Singing-wise, nobody would suggest Sammy is Britain's answer to Mac Powell, though his rough and rugged tones do convey a raw passion. This set was produced and recorded by Phil Madeira at his wonderfully named Nashville studio, Planet Of The Tapes and Phil's intuitive feel for roots/acoustic music keeps the vibe warmly organic. Look out for some fine BVs too from the marvellous Jill Paquette. Maybe Sammy has recorded his classic "The Blessing" once too often to be fully effective but when everything fits together like on the joyful opener "Just A Little Drop Of Water" or the marvellous duet with Phil Keaggy on "I Will Be Free", a song originally heard on The Electrics' 'Visions And Dreams' album, one truly is inspired to worship. 

Horner’s Scotland-based Celtic rock band, The Electrics, has been a long-standing favorite in the United States, and now singer/songwriter Horner is traveling as a solo act. He has played and headlined at many of the major festivals in the world, including the Edinburgh Festival, Glasgow Garden Festival, Cornerstone, Creation, Greenbelt, Spring Harvest, Summer Madness, Christmas Rocknight, Rock in the Ruins, Owen Teck, Flevo and Slab Rock.

His most recent album, ‘Inspired To Worship,’ includes a track a duet with guitar virtuoso Phil Keaggy, and “I Will Be Free,” a song originally recorded by The Electrics. 

Horner grew up in Belfast in Northern Ireland. His first guitar was bought from a local music shop owner shortly after the store had been destroyed by a bomb during the religious Civil War. He later moved to Glasgow, Scotland, where he and guitarist Paul Baird formed the Celtic rock band “The Electrics.” In addition to his recording and touring with The Electrics, he has nine solo albums and two children’s books, and has played with Buddy Miller, Julie Miller, Rick Elias, Mitch McVicker, Jeni Vernadau, Wig Wam Bamz, Jesus Freaks, Rodney Cordner, Nina Astrom, Stuart Trotter, Glen Kaiser and Rich Mullens.

He has also produced albums for Chris Mercer, Carolyn Stillwell and Stuart Trotter.

Solo Discography:

2005 Celtic CD: Sammy Horner - Inspired To Worship

2003 Celtic CD: Sammy Horner - Acoustic Celtic Praise

1999 Roots/Acoustic CD: Sammy Horner - Celtic Praise Vol 4: See & Touch & Hear

1999 Dance/Electronic CD: The Seanachaidh - Ceilidh Electric: A Time To Dance

1997 Celtic CD: Sammy Horner - Celtic Praise Vol 3: Quaich

1994 Celtic CD: Sammy Horner - Celtic Praise Vol 2: T-Allt Ruadh (The Red Burn)

1994 Children’s Cassette: Sammy Horner & The Wonder Kids - Country Parables

1993 CD: Sammy Horner - Pub Praise

1992 Celtic CD: Sammy Horner - Celtic Praise: With Every Blessing

1992 Children’s Cassette: Sam Horner & The Wonderkids - Obey The Maker’s Instructions

Band Discography:

Old New Borrowed and Green (Asaph / TYTP) 2004

Reel Folk ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Electrics (Pliegtegier) 2002

The Electrics, The Electrics (5 Minute Walk) 1999

Danger Live, The Electrics (ICC) 1998

Irish Invasion, The Electrics (Pila) 1997

The Whole Shebang, The Electrics (Pila) 1995

Big Silent World, The Electrics (Pila) 1993

View ‘n’ Blues, The Electrics (independent) 1989

The Electrics (independent) 1988

Infrapenny (independent) 1983

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As a debut album 'Visions And Dreams' has all the Celtic freshness of a winter dip in Irish sea. The title track is seemingly much influ­enced by the Waterboys folk-rock fusion and works well enough to stand the comparison. All the songs have strong and memorable hooks from the tried-and-tested "Mercy Mercy" to the searing criticism of "Disciples Of Disaster". This is going to be an album that sticks in the mind. Produced with a warm and vibrant 'live band' feel, the album exudes a joyous charm while influences abound, from the Cajun-tinged "The Turning Tide" (watch out for Alan Hewitt's pumping accordion) to the swamp blues sound of Robert Johnson's "Hellhound On My Trail" 'Visions And Dreams' is an album well worth getting if you're fed up with pop pap and fancy a recording with more depth and a lot more freshness.

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