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Song: Abandon

Dancing intro  that illuminates peace sets the pace for this song to Jesus.   Petri has again captured great lyrics in his conversation with our Lord.   The chorus, is my favorite.  I am soul quenched in joy.  I spin this song and smile and reflect to Jesus; how wonderful His children are. A taste of the lyrics: 

"See how I soar in the freedom you gave me
You are my hope; I know you'll never fail me, no
You are my peace, in you I'll always be resting
You are my joy; I lift up my hands to rejoice with you"  (c) 2006 Petri Nauha

The melody  is enchanting.  The lyrics are delivered with conviction.  Vocally  he has a unique style many will recognize through out his music. 

May this artist always follow  his beloved Lord and be amazed at the boundless joys given. 

The artists insight on this song: 

This song was one of the first ones I wrote as I gave up pursuing rock music and focused on worship. It sums up what I went through as I gave up my own dreams to God and allowed Him to start giving me His instead. I pray that you'll be filled with His Spirit and you'll be able to abandon your ways and embrace His awesome dreams for you! The intro was a total gift from God. I just wanted to find something to set the tone, and laid my hands on the keyboard. What ensued was a heavenly picture with God coming after us wanting to reach us for Himself. When I hear the little pings, it symbolizes God's sonar as He searches those who want to worship Him and love Him back. Really cool!

Song: Almighty King

Vocals are simply astounding in an intimate conversation to His Lord.  You feel the outpour is a sharing reserved only for the inner-circle; the trusted few that you can count on.  Petri, where have you been, and how soon can more of the world enjoy you?  The chorus is a buoyant journey, ever so smooth, nicely complimented with electronic sounds created all by this artist. 

Musical arrangement is so exclusive.  You can feel again that he is humbling  and trying to give back to God a sampling of the talents blessed to him by grace.  I am told the myspace version of this song is a rough cut.  This song I hope stays close to  the heart of this version.

The artists insight on this song

Almighty King" came out of a desire to sense God's presence. I yearned to express God's worth in some way, and "almighty king" was the only way to even touch describing His glory. Musically this song was a lot of fun. Check out the electric guitar I played with a violin bow - it opens the cranking part after the quiet third verse. Then there's the outro with the violins and a music box. Writing that was a lot of fun, the notes just emerged seemingly out of nowhere! 

Song: Come

Petri in this song gave us a joyful rockin’ message of Jesus returning to us. 

“Oh, what a glorious day
What a glorious morning
As the day begins to dawn
The dark is pushed beyond the horizon
As the Son is rising like the brand-new dawn” (c) 2006 Petri Nauha

You need to re-spin songs like this one  to get the edge of appreciation it deserves.
Come is a fast and edgy song  and shows the versatility of  this artist as it shifts gears in style from Almighty King.   Petri has great poetry, and simply an amazing ability to arrange and wrap the music around it. 

The artists insight on this song:

"Come" is about Jesus' second coming and the fact that we should be exhilarated by it! It's also about Jesus coming into any and every situation in our lives when we allow him.

Song:  Only You Are Good

This praise song to Jesus overwhelms me.  The studio cut will be I imagine, breathtaking.  For me, this artist has an exclusive voice, similar to our fingerprints all being different.  I am sure there are sounds like; but I see what Jesus sees in him. I am very thankful he is going to travel on with his music.  Others will benefit by this artists offering.

The artists insight on this song:

Only You Are Good"... This is a profound truth in my life, as I catch myself sinning in thought and deed every day. I wish I didn't, but as Paul wrote, I do what I don't want to do and don't do what I want to do. Musically the song is pretty straightforward, not a lot of production involved. Enjoy!

Song:  Feet of Clay 

Exceptional rhythmic music arrangement.  In this song I find the artist to be refreshing and worshipping God.  So many are going for the cliché, watered down sung it before styles.  This  song  has a definite sharpness that screams fresh.

“I bring these Feet of Clay
I bring this soul you saved
I bring this song of praise
To You, my savior
This is the way I choose
I give my life to you
There is no turning back
With you I'm walking”   (c) 2006 Petri Nauha

It is the vocal delivery, the intimate soul cry out to Jesus that  brings this song into replay by listeners.

The artists insight on this song: 

“Feet of Clay" is a metaphor for our brokenness and vulnerability. This song is about coming to God as we are and Him accepting us that way. FYI: I played the electric guitar with a violin bow in the little instrumental interludes and the ending of this song. The tone is so huge and interesting, give it a listen!

I look forward to people finding this music and enjoying the gifts received and returned by this artist.

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