Music Review of the Artist:  Jason Scott

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Music Review of the Artist: Jason Scott

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Song: You Are My Refuge

Energetic arrangement that electrify and compel audiences to sing along and share in the joy. It is a  solid-rocking praise song that will get people motivated.  It is a song to be shared.

The Lyrics: 

I will sing to You a new song
I will dance before my Savior
Kingdoms rise and fall around me
Yet my eyes are fixed on You
You are my refuge. @copyright

The lyric theme has been done before, as is true with just about any song out there.  It is the delivery and palatable sounds of this artist that make it fresh and inviting.  

Song:  How Deeply We Need You

This song showcases his wonderful piano talents.  Sincerity and humble emotions are sensed in this ballad.  Often top-charters are just that, top-chart huggers.  They will have people marketing crafted music that sell but in reality, can leave the listener feeling used. 

Jason Scott has a tone that is honest and rejuvenating.  He has something only truly gifted artists can do.  

The Lyrics: 

We need revival, let it come
We need Your anointing, let it come
Let it come, Your Holy Spirit rain  @copyright

Song: Revive Us Again

Poetic and masterfully beautiful. This is the song that should get over-played on the air waves until it sinks deep into souls.  I can not imagine anyone coming away from a venue this artist performs at feeling anything other then content and blessed.   

The Lyrics: 

Speak, Lord, for your servants hear
Remove the stones of doubt and fear
Restore all the stolen years
Breathe on us here and revive us again  @copyright

Song:  I Dedicate My Life

He shares his testament to His beloved Lord in a song.  Arrangement, lyrics and vocals are mastered by his soul to please Jesus.  The result is simply gorgeous.  If you don't see God winking back at this artist using his talents, look again.  He does just that.  

The Lyrics: 

At every turn this world tries to persuade me
But a clearer voice turns my head around
I look into the depths of Your beauty
And nothing on earth could keep me from You now
Nothing could keep me from my vow@copyright

Thank you Jason Scott, for you wonderful walk in life.  Thank you for sharing your music on myspace.  May more find the joy of your talents.  Visit this artist at the links provided and support his ministry.  

Reprint of Review by:  Kelly O'Neil (formerly on the editorial team for CCM Magazine )
She has written and been featured in many magazines both Christian and non-Christian. 

It wont be long before contemporary worship services everywhere start beaming Jason Scotts lyrics onto the large projector screens on the wall in front of the sanctuary while the cover band plays and the youth-infused congregation sing and sway along with the music. In fact, this is all ready happening due to Scotts involvement with LaMar Boschmans International Worship Institute. The Oklahoma natives formula praise and worship music fits right in alongside the stalwarts of the genre including Paul Baloche, Matt Redman, David Crowder and Chris Tomlin. Speaking of Tomlin, Scotts voice is very similar to the Texan in that strong, confident yet breathy technique of singing. On a side note, Tomlins voice is a bit higher though. 

Scotts second full-length album, Dedicated is an extremely laudable effort with many worthy songs deserving to be placed alongside any CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) chart-topping singles. The album begins with a reading from Zechariah 8:12-13 given by Scott with soft music in the background; then without missing a beat segues into the first worshipful tune, reminiscent of the Michael W. Smith Worship albums, minus the thunderous applause and fiddle playing. In fact, with Scotts catchy piano-driven style, You Have Done Great Things, is a toe-tapping crowd pleaser that could pass as an old-school Smitty song, especially when the tasteful electric guitar counter melody joins the riff. The stand out number on Dedicated is You Are Faithful, which could easily become a hit on CCM/AC (Contemporary Christian Music/Adult Contemporary) radio. The chorus is simple, yet powerful, and extremely singable all key elements for a great worship song. It is obvious throughout the entire album that Scott is pouring his heart out and it should not be too difficult for fellow worshipers to raise their hands high and join him in praise. 

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