Music Review of the Artist Jared Anderson 


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Song: Amazed

Amazed is song of the year quality to any ears that hear it.  The lyrics are clean, unencumbered and soul refreshing.  The vocals very powerful and in itself  a welcomed gift of God's blessings shared.  Effortless piano accompany and the arrangement is what carries this ballad home.      The passion is pure  and  it invites your heart to embrace the conversation with God.

"How wide, 
How deep
How great 
Is your love for me"  (c) 2006 Jared Anderson

Song: All Praise

All praise is just that-- a great praise and worship song that any church could easily incorporate into their service.  Jared does a good job making this a sing-able song for others to express their own praise to our beloved Lord.  It is a great music;  a clear and passionate vehicle that we can use to give thanks to our Lord. 

Song: Revolve 

This artist has a superb arrangement on this ballad  Revolve  that he sings to Jesus.   He expresses eloquently  his passionate plea to  his beloved Lord.  Lyrics flow like a river with a smooth vocal delivery.  The vocal tones of Jared will soon be discovered by others.  The sound  is unique and welcomed.  I often wonder why it takes so  long for talent to be found.    This song builds with unbridled energy that simply soars heavenly to Jesus, and then pulls back to an intimate proclamation to Him, of " I was lost but found my world revolves around You."

Song:  Ready Now

This song is a cry out to God to use him, to make his body a  instrument vehicle to do His will.  It has an amazing arrangement, powerful and yet so intimate.   It is an exhilarating ride that showcases  yet again the vocals of this artist.    A song needs to be listen-able to be effective, and this  one certainly will  find an audience. 

I look forward to the discovery of this artist by more of my beloved Lord's children.

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