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Song: Distant Time 

Distant Time is  what made me fall in love with this artist's voice.  It is such a pure and delicate blending of her vocals with a musical melody that is simply unforgettable to any soul that listens once to it.    Her conversation with her beloved Jesus is intimate, yet a welcomed sharing we are able to witness.  I am so glad many world wide have been exposed to her.  She is a treasure. 

A tasting of her lyrics from this song:

"You are tender with me over distant time
And your kindness means more than silk so fine
As you look at me, breathless I find
Memories of you
Fill my mind. (c) 2006 Chris Mercer

Song: Gift of Love

Gift of Love is a rockin  fast paced, edgy mix, down a different road from Distant Time, yet a cousin to showcase the diverse talents of Chris.  The music is very catchy,  soul dancing  and feet tappin'.  The lyrics  reveal the impact of having Christ in  her life.  Musical arrangement totally unique. 

A tasting of her lyrics from this song:

" Im broken when I realize 
A crimson tide flowed for me
Took away the sin and shame
I would have to claim"  (c) 2006 Chris Mercer

Artist notes on this song:

Distant Time is essential a love song and has that quality to be enjoyed by saint and sinner alike....deep love inspired it....lasting over a long period of time......ultimately the Fathers love for you and me and anyone else...pure , deep and true...and intimate.

Song: For a Love Like That

Delightful musical arrangement used to background the lyrics that flow like a testament of her soul to her Lord, Jesus.  There is almost an understatement of the music and yet it truly works to get the message across.

A tasting of her lyrics from this song:

“For a love like that I would surely give everything I own
Everything I have for love like that
For a love like that I would surely give my passion and my pride
I would surely die, for a love like that"  (c) 2006 Chris Mercer

Song:  Don't let the Devil

Chris is amazing, gifted  and wonderful.  I had to let this song sink in the longest to get to the heart of it.  The guitar accompaniment is world class.   This  song  has a definite unique and fresh quality that  is very satisfying, thanks to the creative talents of all involved.

A tasting of her lyrics from this song:

“Dont let the devil come stealin
Hopes and dreams
Dont let the devil come stealin
Hopes and dreams
Coz if the devil comes stealin
He aint what he seems"  (c) 2006 Chris Mercer

The gifts of this  international artists are just beginning to be heard in America.  Anyone experiencing a concert I'm sure will walk away refreshed and renewed by the experience.  Her music is now available online from the artist and also direct purchase at ITUNES. 

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