Mitch McVicker - Following the Legacy

                        Mitch McVicker can’t just claim Rich Mullins as the producer, or as a friend in
                        the :Thanks You’s” but he needs to have him listed as his soul. It seems that
                        when Rich Mullins passed on he left one thing behind with Mitch, himself. As I
                        listen to this record it is amazing how much influence the late Mullins has had
                        on it.

                        On September 19,1997 Mitch’s life took an unexpected turn, Rich Mullins and
                        Mitch McVicker were driving to a concert when their vehicle overturned, and
                        tragically, the world lost one of the greatest Christian musicians and man of God
                        we have ever known, Rich Mullins. The wreck left McVicker with a serious head
                        injury, internal injuries, and broken bones. He spent a month in the hospital and
                        is still recovering today.

                        Mitch’s latest release is actually a re-release of his 1998 self title independent
                        release. Produced by Rich Mullins and Mark Robertson, it contains songs that
                        are uplifting and inspiring..

                        The album starts off with a rock balled called Here and Now, a song that address
                        the search for Christ isn’t very far. It moves right into a “Shawn Mullins-esque”
                        track called Take hold of me. Next are back to back songs including the piano
                        driven, She asked me how, that talks about taking every moment to change the
                        world. It moves into the song Freedom that is an ode to life that basically says
                        “to let me see the world through God’s eyes”

                        One of my favorite tracks has to be #6 The Lemonade Song, It is an acoustic
                        song that has a washboard, an acoustic guitar, a harmonica and an upright bass.
                        That type of arrangement shows the creativity throughout the whole project.

                        The song that has the biggest impact on the album has to the song that is
                        co-written with Rich Mullins called “My Deliverer” It is a cover of the song that
                        Mullins’ band “The RagaMuffin Band” released back in July of 1998, which made
                        it to #1 on the CCM charts and garnered the 30th Annual Dove Award for song
                        of the year.

                        In his own words, Mitch says “the theme that runs though my music is that the
                        love of God is stronger then anything else we will come up against”

                        If you are a past Rich Mullins fan, this is a definite addition to your collection.

                        J.J. Merrick is a staff writer for and resides with his goldfish Puffy
                        in Kansas City, Missouri.