Most of you are missing a wonderful thing, October 25, 2005
Reviewer: D. Mitchell "critic" (Kansas City, MO) - See all my reviews
I have listened to this over and over again and can't take it out of my car CD player. Mitch has a unique sound that is Rich Mullen-like, but he has many different sounds from pop to praise songs to folk. It is amazing. I saw him live twice and he puts on a fantastic show.

 Best kept secret in Christian music, February 29, 2004
Reviewer: michaeld (USA) - See all my reviews
I am pretty stingy with 5-star ratings, but I didn't give a second thought about this one. This whole CD is just an awesome listening experience from start to finish, and each song is memorable. Mitch's lyrics (sometimes co-writen by Rich Mullins) are always thought-provoking, and starkly honest. Rich Mullins left a very distinctive stamp on the production of this album- his death occurred in the final stages of producing it. So naturally out of all of Mitch's CD's to date, this one sounds the most Mullins-esque. That is not to say it is stuck in the shadow of Rich Mullins. Mitch makes each song his own with his distinctive vocals, unique observations, and a fresh folk-rock sound. To my ear, this is an all around better CD than either "Chasing the Horizon" or "W/out Looking Down". The production is just superb- again, likely because of the involvement of Rich. Mitch's more recent CDs have their share of great songs too, but if you are just introducing yourself to McVicker, this is the one to buy- no contest, at least not yet. We can only guess what Mitch will bring us in the future.

 WAY TO GO MITCH, January 2, 2003
Reviewer: A music fan
This is a CD of a guy who has really grown in his relationship with the Lord & it shows. The songs are relevant in the message they covey & show the heart of a man who seeks hard after Christ. I love the "fun" songs on the CD as well as his more serious songs. "Only Love Will", & "Take Hold of Me" are my personal favorites. And I have to say that I can tell who his musical mentor learned well from Rich, Mitch! Great work! This album is uniquely Mitch.

 Messenger of Peace, September 21, 2001
Reviewer: Jessica Szmurlo (Macomb, IL) - See all my reviews
Mitch's music really speaks to me and I especaially like the song "Gospel Rain" I have seen Mitch in concert several times and he touches my heart everytime I see him. His music is excellent and has a very important message to send all of us. I recommend this CD to all. Also if you get a change you should see him in concert.

 Wow, February 25, 2001
Reviewer: "mkrofnoses" (Somewhere) - See all my reviews
This one is a must have! Mitch follows in Rich's footsteps with wonderful melodies and outstanding lyrics. I can't wait for his next release.

 I think the best is yet to come..., October 23, 2000
Reviewer: "marysorens" (New Haven, CT United States) - See all my reviews

Okay, so I'm going against the flow here and giving this cd less than five stars. This album is a solid first solo release, and there are several well-written songs on it. But some of the songs seem to ramble on without a strong melody. I'm holding out for more, because I think that Mitch can do more! Buy the album and see if you agree with me. This is not one that I play a lot, but it's good enough to keep. This is an artist to support because of his strong stand for God and his efforts to make beautiful music. So buy the album! And watch and wait for more.

 truly awesome, July 4, 2000
Reviewer: A music fan
Okay, so I confess that I don't actually own the cd...yet. ;) But I've had the privelage of seeing Mitch in concert twice: once with Rich barely a month before their accident, and then again just a few weeks ago at my church camp with Brad. This man has truly been gifted by God with great musical abilities. His honest and heartfelt lyrics will touch anyone's heart. A MUST buy!

 McVicker = Awesome!, April 15, 2000
Reviewer: A music fan
his CD was worth the wait! How do you tell people they will not be disappointed? Its a pure treasure? I bought this CD on blind faith of a friend but was beyond awed by the experience of listening to it. I don't write reviews but just had to try to pen one of the experience of playing this one.
Track # 1 ~ Here and Now... Is a stunning CD opener. The lyrics and melody leave you hungry for the next song. We've been swept up by a Saviour, Been promised a golden crown, And we know our glory's waiting, But His love is here and now.. This is a song you want to share with the world.

Track #2 ~ Take Hold Of Me.. Here and Now flows into this song like the river into the sea. They were meant to be together. You are in for a delightful change. Mitch starts out talking not singing.. the effect is awesome. The tune is very catchy and Mitch continues to alternate between singing and talking the lyrics not to mention his harmonica effects. And when I feel my faith is wearin' thin, He picks me up from the floor, And gives me strength to stand...

Track # 3 ~ Gospel Rain.. Was co-written with Rich Mullins.. The lyrics, arrangement, the whole delivery of this song is Song of The Year quality. Your word is plain as the nose upon my face, And it will remain when all else fades.. There is so much love in this song. Mitch gives an inspiring delivery of the lyrics.

Track #4 ~ She Asked Me How.. Mitch said this was Rich's favorite song. You are treated to Mitch on acoustic guitar and harmonica and Rich is of course awesome on keyboard and background vocals. . 'Cause there is a warm spirit of love, That settles down upon my heart, And its cold dark lonely places.. A long track 5:32 but you won't notice that, only that its over and are left with a strong desire to play it again.

Track #5 ~ Freedom.. The hammered dulcimer is evident on this track along with the cello. This song is simply glorious. So I'm gonna pray I'll pray a prayer of hope, That I walk by faith through this world I used to know, And you're there you're my, Saviour to light my way.

Track #6 ~ The Lemonade Song.. Washboard, veldhuis can by Michael Aukofer and acoustic guitar and harmonica by Mitch blend to perfection in this song. Another new artist Chris Rice would call these lyrics WOWable.

Track #7 ~ Only Love Will.. This country feeling type song has a lot of appeal. Open raw emotions pour through your soul when you hear this one. Mitch said it was one of his favorites. Because I, I can't get my broken heart to mend, The tears I cry, they never wash away my sin..

Track #8 ~Hope.. Mitch called this his hard rock song. Besides drums his voice alone starts this potent song with amazing effects. Listen carefully and you'll hear Mullins doing some background vocals. Again the lyrics are very strong and powerful. Bridge 'Cause every single day I spend, Somewhere between one hour and ten, Just lettin' my soul run around wild, But I never cease to be amazed, How Your simple love still somehow plays, The biggest part of all things in my life..

Track #9 ~ My Deliverer.. Mitch co-wrote this one with Rich Mullins. His version is incredible. Its the same song but is delivered on a very mature level. You will not be disappointed with this jewel. I vision Rich smiling at this one Mitch!

Track #10 ~ One Of These Days.. Very reflective lyrics delivered on this song. Somehow when he lyrics, well WOW..its just that the effect sneaks up on you. I love the chorus on this one. Maybe someday soon now I'll leave the world behind, when my weary soul learns that it has the wings to fly, And with a million angels I'll sail across the sky, into His arms of love, So I'm waitin' with all I am..

Track #11 ~ New Mexico .. Co Written With Rich Mullins. Need to quote Mitch on this one "I remember writing this song with Rich a couple years ago in our trailer in New Mexico, so the title is apropos, I guess. We were both thinking of friends back home we didn't talk to enough. It's kind of an eerie song under present circumstances." This is beyond profound.

Oh Mitch all I can say in reflection on this album many souls will find HIS comfort and love while listen to this CD. Guys, I don't think Mitch really desires it, but he should be up for Artist of the Year 2001. This is just a spectacular collection of songs that you must, must have in your own CD in your mind.

 Mitch McVicker hits a Grand Slam Homer W/Rhythm House Debut, March 8, 2000
Reviewer: "ratscat" (Oak Island, NC USA) - See all my reviews
This recording is one of the best that I have ever heard. Mitch delivers great music and truly inspirational lyrics with Jesus at the heart of it all. We had Mitch at our church this past weekend and he, along with Brad Layher, gave a wonderful concert. The songs on this album stand out among so many great Christian recordings. "Gospel Rain", "She Asked Me How", "One of These Days", and "Here and Now" have become antehms in my house. This album will bless you over and over.

 AWESOME!, January 27, 2000
Reviewer: (USA) - See all my reviews
I've had this CD since forever when it first came out. Still my favorite. I had the privledge of actually seeing him and Rich Mullins in concerts numerous times. Got the works-signed autographs,was able to personally talk to him. What a Blessing! He is a great songwriter and artist. I just pray that he continues to listen to God's voice and I know we will hear more of him. Thanks Mitch for sharing a part of you with me and so many others.

Mitch McVicker Hits A Grand Slam Homer w/Rhythm House Debut, November 19, 1999
Reviewer: "ratscat" (Oak Island, NC USA) - See all my reviews
Truly one of the best recordings that I have ever heard. Mitch's gifted voice, sincere lyrics and moving melodies make this a truly inspiring album of songs focused on Jesus and our Christian walk through this life. If you listen closely, you can hear Rich Mullins' supporting vocals perfectly bonded with Mitch's. Truly a GREAT album! Get it today and give it away to others.