Monday, October 22, 2007
Mitch McVicker
Great time had by all last night at the Mitch McVicker Concert at the Harbor in Scituate. He played songs from his new album, "Love will rise," which were awesome - great words and lots of fun- and one from his days with Rich Mullins, a really powerful rendition of "My Deliverer." Really good show - if he comes near you, be sure to check him out. Jesus is definitely glorified in the ministry of this band. The boys spent the night at the house with Lori and I last night, and are on their way to Boston this morning to enjoy the sights and sounds, at least for a few hours, before they head to their next gig in PA.

The FIRST PICTURE on the is Mitch and the band surrounded by some of the yutes from Harbor, and the one on the right is Mitch and Jonathan (from the Woburn UMC). Isn't it just great! Mitch noticed during the concert that the two of them were wearing the same shirt - really funny moment!


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