Stunningly great ... Mitch has created a masterpiece, September 12, 2007
By  The wise old owl (VA) -

"Love Will Rise" is not only a long-awaited CD, but it simply is stunningly great. Mitch's voice is the best its ever been ... the production is awesome ... the instrumentation is varied and powerful ... and the quality of his music and lyrics blow the lid off.

Mitch has always been "deep" in Christian thought ... but this collection reminds us of how Christ would have done it: make it rock, make it awesome, but make the lyrics so clear and so simple to grasp that everybody understands the message.

Approximately an hour long, every song is a masterpiece. This album simply HAS to get out to the masses. Where to begin? The songs are fabulous; "Honest of Heart", "Hallelujah", "Magnificent", "Come to the Well", "Wonderful", "Walking on Air", "Wounded One", "Party Song", "Precious Blood", "Send Your Shower", etc., etc. ... EVERY song is tremendous.

This is one of those rare, rare CDs where you just put it on and let it play --- knowing that every cut is different from the last, yet the thread of Christ's love and blood connects every tune. I always heard that Rich Mullins loved Mitch's potential and knew that he could be an outstanding musical ambassador for Christ... and this album certainly delivers proof positive that Mitch has indeed arrived. Be prepared to be blessed --- and be prepared to be a blessing (because you are going to want to buy several CDs to give away as gifts).

I've always loved everything previously that he's released... but this CD takes him to a whole new level. It is an amazing album.