I Need You Jesus Lyrics
Words and music by Mitch McVicker 

I need you Jesus, I need you more than anything. 
This is my winter season and I'm just longing for the spring. 

I've run dry, so let the water flow. 
I've grown cold inside and only you can warm my soul. 
Here's my heart, show me how to love, 
'cause I'm scared that I forgot. 

I need you Jesus, don't let me dig a hole and hide down deep. 
Save me from myself, protect me from me. 


I'm scared that I forgot 
I need you Jesus, I need you 
I've run dry ... 
And I've grown cold inside ... 
So here's my heart ... 


I need you Jesus 
I need you Jesus 

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All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by permission.

Mitch: I Need You Jesus came around December 2000.  I ended up writing it over time in sound checks.  That's when I started messing around with it. I probably came at it from the fear that I'd taken for granted Jesus' love for me, and Jesus' call for me to love and in my desire to let that love be what motivates me, to do anything.  That song really evolved as all four of us played it.  It use to be a real slow finger picking kind of song.  It still is slow, but the guys came up with this idea to put a real shuffle beat to it.

**I need You Jesus

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