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  Without Looking Down (2002)
  Chasing the Horizon (2001)
  Mitch McVicker (1998)
  Canticle of the Plains (1997)

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            Without Looking Down
            Mitch attempts to further distinguish his sound from the work of his mentor Rich Mullins with this
            sometimes engaging roots pop/rock offering.
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  Biography(courtesy of Spindust Records)

  "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." Franklin D. Roosevelt

  Imagine for a moment what if every time someone heard your name they automatically associated it with a fatal automobile accident that
  claimed the life of a prominent singer/songwriter? And every concert, every interview, and everyday you had to relive this tragic event? How
  would you respond? Well, most of us would find another profession and call it quits. We would most likely tuck our tails and run.

  This is the very situation Dove honored songwriter, Mitch McVicker, lives with everyday of his life. In 1997, he was involved in a fatal
  automobile accident that killed his friend, Rich Mullins. It took Mitch over a year to physically recover from his injuries.

  Raised in Topeka, KS, Mitch attended Friends University in Wichita where he earned a degree in Religion and Philosophy. It was during this
  time at college that he became friends with Rich. After graduation Rich asked Mitch to travel with him. Mitch had no other plans so they took
  off into the world. During this time they traveled, played music, co-wrote songs, and established a very close friendship and Rich became a

  In view of the fact that they did establish such a strong relationship, many have and will suggest that Mitch is in Rich's shadow. Mitch firmly
  believes this is a misconception of their relationship. Mitch clarifies, "You see for a shadow to be created something must stand in between the
  object and the light. Rich never stood in between me and the Light he always pointed me towards the Light."

  The release of Mitch's first nationally released album, Without Looking Down, marks five years since that tragic event took place. Maybe just a news story to
  some however, this was a very personal and traumatic event that Mitch will never be able to forget. The past five years he has slowly yet steadily been recovering
  and growing in every aspect of his life. He has supported two independent albums through a tremendously hectic tour schedule. Mitch has continued on his
  journeyexposing his audiences/listeners to the kingdom of God through the vessel of music.

  Without Looking Down is a reflection of Mitch's growth. This album establishes Mitch as a timeless singer and songwriter. His unpretentious pop rock tunes
  transparently display his desire for God's grace and peace in his life.

  "Deeper in Love" features the source of the album title. Mitch comments, "I'm trying to focus on my flight towards God and what He has made me. I want to
  concentrate on flying towards God without looking down at my doubts and fearswhich goes clear back to my recovery processwith all the doubts and fears I had
  I feared if I would not be able to sing among other things. We all have these doubts and fears and we tend to focus too much on them. I want to not look
  down at that stuff but instead I want to look towards my God."

  Without Looking Down, produced by Mark Robertson, is a fresh mix of musical styles and soaring production. Mitch has always created his own beat and
  placed his distinctive vocal stamp on each song. This album captures his musical style in a way that no other album has been produced.

  Unconventional, innovative pop song with a fitting harmonica framed backdrop "Take the Wheel" delivers a simple message. Listeners will get more than just a
  chirpy pop tune. "Take the Wheel is my prayer as I travel we get to travel and have lots on long drives in this profession, Mitch explains. " It is my prayer that I
  could rely on God to steer more than I typically do. I want to depend on God to lead and steer me." The chorus superlatively reinforces the message of the song:
  "So take the wheel/Take me wherever you want/Just lead me home/ yeah take the wheel/wherever you want/I am ready to go."

  "You Have Everything," is sure to set fire to the CCM airwaves with its up-tempo yet lyrically aggressive song. When thinking of this song Mitch thought, "What
  can I bring to the LordI am stumped." Then he vividly remembers reflecting, "But there is one thing I can bring it's me."

  So what would you do if your life was publicly turned upside down and you lost your best friend, your mentor, and your way of life? Maybe you, like Mitch,
  would still find something to sing about. Maybe you would continue this journey without looking down.