Lauren's Photo Album
#30 (10/18/02) ~ PEORIA, IL

Friday night my dad and I got to go to another Mitch McVicker concert (finally)!  We got to the                church in  Peoria, Illinois a little early, so we checked out the merchandise table.  Mitch has tons of new stuff since the last time we saw him!  There were two new "stargazer" tees along with 2 "without looking down" tees, a picture, a poster, and the devotional book in which Mitch covered the month of May.  It all looks excellent!

As far as the show goes, Mitch opened up with "Nowhere Else", which I love, but had only heard once        before in concert.  During that song, Brad broke a string, so he finished that one off, but the next song was changed to give him a chance to change the string.   Instead of "You Have Everything", Mitch played "New Mexico", which is probably my favorite song to hear live.  Next came "Upside Down" and before that was over, Brad had broken another string.  The only thing I can figure is that he hadn't changed them in a while.  Brad quickly put on a new string as Mitch again changed the set list, by playing "Gospel Rain" instead of Upside Down. A song later, it was time for "Solid Rock".  As I mentioned, I hadn't seen the guys for a while and I was hoping they had still kept this song mainly acapella.  I was a little worried though as Mitch held onto his guitar pick as they sang the very beginning.  At the last minute, Mitch put his guitar pic  down on top of the guitar and Joe picked up the spaghetti pot  and they played the song as I remember it, with one addition - Jeff on the bedpan.  Apparently it's a new instrument that Mitch picked up at a garage sale.  A little weird, but it sounds good and that's what matters!  The rest of the concert was pretty similar to most as far as the songs go, with Brad playing  "Mourning Glorys" and Jeff playing a song that I think may be titled "I'll Be Seeing You" immediately afterward.  The only major change was that "Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled" closed out the show instead of  "Burning the Fields", which is really the only song I can remember him closing with.

One of the great things about seeing them again after  a break was the new stories.  The one that really   sticks out is one he said just happened that day.  It  was about 3 incredibly ladybugs that Mitch had          met  that day and it was hilarious!  You have to hear it from him though.

Also, he has a new way of introducing the guys.  I have no idea how he came up with it, but it's          great!  Definitely two things to look forward to if you ever  get a chance to see him!

                      Set List as it was played-
                      Nowhere Else
                      New Mexico
                      Gospel Rain
                      Upside Down
                      Solid Rock
                      Lemonade Song
                      My Deliverer
                      Heaven Is Waiting
                      Take the Wheel
                      Brad - Mourning Glorys
                      Jeff - I'll Be Seeing You?
                      The Lion Lays Down
                      Midnight In Madison
                      Burning the Fields
                      Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled

The Band

Brad Layher
Mitch McVicker
Joe Curet
Jeff Weiss











The Song List from the Concert
Lauren with Mitch


Order Without Looking Down, Chasing The Horizon, Canticle Of The Plains & Mitch McVicker

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