Kevin Synan 2007 INTERVIEW


Note:  Kevin is on tour with Mitch McVicker 2007 on his Love Will Rise 18,000 mile music ministry road trip.  The talents of Kevin were well exercised at the concert we hosted Sept 20, 2007 in a 103 year old ArtBarn.  THE SOUND WAS BEYOND AMAZING.. IT WAS FOR ME BETTER THEN THE STUDIO RECORDING.

I asked Mitch for a short bit about all on tour and he said this about Kevin: Kevin Synan runs sound.  He certainly wins the gold medal thus far on the tour as being the most valuable.

Early years and background:

 ~ Can you tell me a little bit about where you were born and your childhood.

 I was born in Virginia and grew up there in a small town at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I miss them.  There were no movie theaters, bowling alleys, bars.... A quiet place to say the least. I loved it.

~  What were some of your hobbies or favorite pastimes?

Spending time in the mountains.  Whether it was driving the parkway or hiking a trail, there was always something new around the next corner.  We used to drive up at night and take a fire road until we were horribly lost.  Then we would throw down the sleeping bags and wait for the sun to come up.

~  When did you start playing music.. and what do you now play..

Everyone at my house learned to play the piano.  I think I was four or five.  Somewhere around ten I picked up sax. That lasted through most of high school.  I still have a flute that I pretend to play on occasion.  My life changed at thirteen when some buddies suggested I play bass.  That's what I've been doing ever since.  Well, up until now.  This is my first tour doing sound.  I've been a studio engineer for a little more than ten years.  This is different.

~  When and how did music start playing a major role in your life?

There was always music in my house.  My earliest memories are of music and musicians.  Big Band, Dixieland, Show Tunes, Classical, Pop, Latin............ I can't think of anything musical that wasn't part of growing up in my house.

Here and Now:

~ How did you and Mitch get connected.

 I honestly don't know. Mitch sent an email. I 'm guessing it was through Adam somehow.  We have worked together for eight years or better.  Mitch could shed more light on that.

~ What have you learned about Mitch that you didn't know before?

Everything I learn about Mitch is new.  It will surprise most who read this, but I didn't know anything about him before this tour.  We're learning a lot from and about each other.  That goes for everybody in the band.  That's what life on the road is.

~ And or your gut honest opinion of Mitch.

So far, so good. It's a long tour. Ask me again in December

Miscellaneous -  but asked anyway nonsense category..

 ~  How tall are you


~ Favorite soda

Barq's root beer

~ A favorite fast food meal

Nope. They're all bad.

~ Color


~ a favorite home cooked meal

Nope. They're all good.

~ Where do you like to shop

Lowe's and Circuit City (I'm a guy)

~ Favorite ice cream flavor

Anything chocolate

~  A favorite sport teams

Cubs (sigh); All ACC basketball teams

~ a favorite movie

Nothing sticks out as a favorite

~ a favorite song

No way. Hundreds maybe, but not one.

In closing

~ Besides this bizarre list, what crazy things do the fans ask?

If they ask me anything it's usually about what I do.  A lot of them don't understand it.

 ~ Is there something you'd like to tell people you haven't already?

Wow. An open door to rant and rave. The guys would tell you not to go there. I can fill a day with what I would like to tell people. But you mean the fans. "Thank you." That's what I would tell them. Thank you for coming. Thank you for helping. Thank you for cooking. Thank you for making this fun. Thank you for making it meaningful. Thank you.

My personal impressions of Kevin:  What a fun, kind carrying guy to be around!  He was going for the best sounds for the band and worked professionally and very intently to achieve it.  I saw overwhelming amount of hard work, above and beyond what anyone could ever expect.. and he did it all with a smile and an attitude of:  these guys are going to sound very good on my watch.

Kevin, I thank you for taking the time to share for this interview.  Stay strong and enjoy the ride you are being put on.  I don't imagine any of the road being easy, but on the way find enjoyment in the moments.

When Mitch was once asked: What is the most important thing you want to communicate to people who may or may not be believers?   Mitch said: "I think that Jesus loves us desperately and compassionately, and He is  not really concerned with where we have been or where we are going or who we are, but He will stop at nothing to make us His own, to save us.  And to not be scared of Jesus and the whole Christianity thing or be turned off by it. Humans have fashioned Christianity, but Jesus is as attractive as He ever was."

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Mitch was Compassion USA Top Spokesperson


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