Packages sent with care
Benefit Concert: March 12, 2005
Six women who make up the A Touch of Home Team have been doing volunteer work of assembling and mailing as many as 30 shoebox-sized care packages to soldiers almost every week for the past two years.  They estimate 2,000 boxes  have traveled to troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Germany, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, many to soldiers they have never met.

This started when one of the women's sons serving reported that some fellow soldiers weren't getting any mail at all.  They took up the task of making unique handmade cards, ornaments, knitted stockings, cookies, popcorn and wreaths; all done with a personal touch.

These women have taken ownership of those soldiers and are doing this as a way to thank and support them for their sacrifices while on military duty.

A Touch of Home members rely on donations from their fellow parishioners at CrossRoads and others.

The group celebrated its second anniversary by hosting a free concert by Mitch McVicker, a contemporary Christian singer, Saturday at CrossRoads Church on March 12, 2005.  Donations for future care packages was accepted and DVDs of the concert will also be sent to the soldiers.

If you would like to contribute to this cause, mail your donations to:

CrossRoads Church, 7955 Ivystone Ave. S., Cottage Grove MN  55016

To support his ministry, order music and the book directly from the official

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