#19~ 4/28/01, Mitchell, IN ~ Concert notes by Lauren
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We arrived in Mitchell, Indiana at 6:30 after a few minutes of searching for the school.  One of the 
first things I noticed upon pulling into the parking lot was Mitch’s new “metallic tan” van being parked.   It's a lot larger that his old van, and I'm sure it's a lot more comfortable for the guys on their extremely long trips.

We walked up to the door, joining a few other people who were waiting for the doors to be unlocked. 
We were let in at about 6:45.  After getting our seats, we checked out the different stands set up 
in the back, including one for the Legacy of the Kid Brother of St. Frank and one for the warm up 
band, Dividing the Plunder. 

The first band began at 7:40.  It was two guys and a girl and they were really good!  Mitch started at 8:30 after moving the extra things off stage.  They opened with “Freedom” and right at the end everybody, including Mitch got a surprise.  The lights went off and we couldn't hear the mics or the guitars. Apparently a fuse had been blown. 

After they told us that they had to run the cord somewhere else, Mitch unplugged his guitar and came down into the  crowd.  He stood right in front of me and sang “Show Me How To Love” which I had heard once before.  It is an excellent song, and it was great to hear Mitch  sing “unplugged”.  When they did “Solid Rock”, I noticed they had changed it a bit.  The one thing I  really notice was Joe’s clapping a few times.  They also sang “Take Hold of Me”, which I hadn't heard for a while.
They seem to have changed this around slightly, too.

They took a break after “Heaven Is Waiting” and a video about the “Legacy” was put on.  After that,
David Mullin’s wife came up and talked.  An offering was taken and we were given about five minutes to walk around, go to the bathroom, get drinks, or whatever else we needed to do.  They opened the second  half with “There You Are” from Canticle of the Plains.  Brad got his turn about half way through.  He sang “Tinman”.  I've heard that song a ton of times, but that is one of those that I don't think I will ever get tired of.  Next, they played “Lemonade Song”, which is my absolute favorite.  The new way they start it is awesome, too! Before they played “Watch Over Me”, Mitch talked a little about the boy’s home that inspired the song.  I thought he was going to forget his harmonica, but he grabbed it at the last minute. 

They closed, as always, with “Burning the Fields”.  When he was saying that it was about Kansas, some people who were friends of theirs cheered from the back.  Mitch decided to try and start a cheer and when we followed along, he just started laughing.  Finally, he got to the song.  At the end, everybody stood up and the guys left the stage.  The guy whom I think was in charge of it all asked the guys to lead some worship songs, so they came back out and we had a little sing along.  After that, the guys were done and they left the stage once again.  Overall, the show was incredible as always! 

Song List (according to what Mitch wrote……I don’t think they played Only Love Will)
1. Freedom
2. Sow Me How To Love
3. Emmanuel
4. Gospel Rain
5. Kingdom of the Heart
6. Rich’s Song
7. Solid Rock
8. Take Hold Of Me
9. My Deliverer
10. Heaven is Waiting


11. There You Are
12. When You Love
13. Anything
14. Only Love Will
15. Tinman
16. Lemonade Song
17. Upside Down
18. Suits of Skin
19. Watch Over Me
20. Here & Now
21. Burning the Fields

Editors notes:  Mitch gave Lauren an assignment for the next time they meet!  Which is kind of funny because we have a couple outstanding projects he is working on for the unofficial!  She also chatted with the guys, but again some of it will be revealed in an upcoming article. 

Kahla, Mitch, G-ma, and Lauren!
Kahla, Cobra Joe, G-ma, 
Brad checking out some unofficial stuff
Brad and Lauren
Mitch and Lauren
the as of yet unnamed new mcvickermobile
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